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LogicManager’s Subject Access Review Request Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Subject Access Review Request solution package:

  • Use LogicManager’s centralized repository to keep all your organization’s subject access requests in one place. This can become the one place to see all outstanding requests. Each team who has a part in responding knows no requests will be forgotten about or lost internally.
  • Our subject access request template was formulated in collaboration with customers who manage such requests in LogicManager. Access our Turnkey Incident Form and URL link form through a URL that your organization can place anywhere you’d like.
  • The pre-built response workflow creates a formalized and repeatable response to automate sending out the steps required to satisfy a subject access request. Each request will be routed appropriately based on predefined business logic.
  • Report on all the subject access requests your organization has received. Track all the requests through the response process, and pull audit trail reports for regulators that are looking for evidence of subject access requests being followed up.

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Achieve Subject Access Review Request Compliance with LogicManager

Streamline your processes

LogicManager includes a variety of ways to automate your tasks, such as workflows, notification scheduling and AI suggestions.

Gain the advantage of GRC

While this package is a point solution, it lives within LogicManager’s fully integrated GRC platform. This means you’ll break down departmental silos and be able to draw key connections across your enterprise.

Maintain a centralized repository

Keep all of your processes and documents in one place. This makes it easier to engage with other employees at your organization and find important information quickly.

Satisfy auditors

With LogicManager, your work is time stamped and performed on a foundation of risk management best practices. This helps you stay prepared for a surprise audit.

What is a Subject Access Review?

Data privacy acts like GDPR and CCPA provide consumers with a seat at the table in deciding how businesses use their data. Today, individuals have the right to submit formal Data Subject Access Requests, and businesses have to comply with them within certain time frames. There are reputational and financial consequences for noncompliance. LogicManager helps ensure that you stay in compliance and continue to help clients with their requests by maintaining a program for Subject Access Requests.


Data Privacy regulations are enforced with fines that can quickly become extremely costly. For example, in the case of CCPA, an organization can be fined $7,500 per intentional violation, and a violation is defined as each time a consumer’s rights are violated. This means that not giving customers access to a data subject request form could end up costing $7,500, multiplied by the number of customers impacted. In addition, the news and reputational damage of data privacy violations could result in customers deciding to take their business elsewhere where they believe their data is more secure.

GDPR and CCPA are two of the first privacy laws, but there will be many more similar regulations with a global reach in the future. Setting your organization up with a strong data privacy compliance program now will get you recognized as a transparency pioneer. As each new data privacy regulation comes out, you will just adapt your program as opposed to reactively scrambling to keep up with the laws.

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