LogicManager Spotlight 

Ethan Bates, Lead Database / BI Developer

Name:  Ethan Bates

Role: Lead Database/BI Developer

College Major: Marketing

Fun fact about yourself: Since I always get asked, “How did you end up in Development after being a Marketing Major?” I was also a Philosophy Minor, which requires logical processing and analytical thinking – essentially the same thing as writing code.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

Anytime you hear the term “rapid growth” you should be able to deduce what the day-to-day is like for the employees that work there. I work on the short term challenges, as well as shaping the long term goals of our product – both within the development team and with other teams across the company. It’s busy, fast-paced, and exciting. Our customer base is very dynamic in the way that they use the Business Intelligence Tool, so we’re constantly innovating and finding ways to make the product work well for them.

What’s your favorite part about working at LogicManager?

People, Ownership, Opportunity. You know that your company has a strong culture when you will hear those words and themes from pretty much everyone that you ask. I love the people that I work with – not just in the grab a beer after work sense – but in the way that they approach challenges. Everyone has a strong sense of ownership and takes pride in the work that they do, so when issues arise, that sentiment brings teams together to simply get stuff done. Also, in regards to opportunity, I like to build things. When you are part of a small, rapid growth company, that is precisely what you get to do!

Why’d you decide to begin your career at LogicManager? 

I knew that I wanted to be part of a small company where I could take ownership of the BI/DB realm and make a significant impact. I get the most enjoyment when I am constantly facing new challenges, not stuck in a monotonous day to day. I came in for an interview and it seemed like a perfect match. That being said, at that point, LogicManager was truly “building up the team”, and I was one of the first few members on that team, so it was a lot of responsibility. But, looking at where we are now and where we’re going, it’s fair to say that it worked out in the end.

How has the company grown since you joined?

The LogicManager team has more than quadrupled since I started, and the development team has grown at an even faster rate. We have had several office expansions and it’s been exciting to take part in that process and see the changes over the years. As we continue to scale and grow, the LogicManager team is always willing to listen to new ideas and improvements for processes, regardless of whether you’ve been here for days or for years. This willingness to scrap existing ideas or processes and create better ones has been a factor in a lot of our success.

What has been your most memorable LogicManager moment?

It’s too hard to single out one particular moment. I have seen the product go through significant database, backend, and front end modifications – it is pretty rare to see such significant changes to the full tech stack, so that is pretty cool (and we aren’t even close to done). Other than that… I’ve been a back-to-back Lawn Party Games Champion – our annual employee summer celebration – so I’m hoping for a three-peat.

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