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How confident are you that your organization’s applications are only available to the right people? The only way to be sure is to perform periodic user access reviews. LogicManager’s User Access Review solution package is a great place to start.
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What is a User Access Review?

Companies everywhere, every day, rely on applications and software to power their businesses. This technology houses confidential information that only authorized users should be able to access. Performing a user access review means taking a look at which of your organization’s applications are available to which of your organization’s employees or stakeholders. User access reviews should be performed periodically to eliminate any risks associated with your organization’s private information landing in the wrong hands.

User Access Risks

Should the wrong people have access to your company’s sensitive information, a variety of things could go wrong. Making a conscious effort to consistently review who can access what can prevent things like:

  • Disgruntled employees using information against you, or leveraging information against your policies for personal gain.
  • External fraud and hackers who may access and abuse your employees’ or customers’ personal information.
  • Data breaches, which can cause severe reputational damage and impose various financial consequences.

If any of these risks materialize, fines and punishments may be reduced if you are able to prove that you weren’t negligent. If you can demonstrate that you had the proper controls in place (such as user access reviews) you’ll wind up being a lot better off.

Achieve your User Access Reviews with LogicManager

Protect your information

The most direct benefit of having a formalized user access review process is that you’ll be able to keep access to applications only to those who should have it. This ensures that no unauthorized users or terminated employees are viewing information they could potentially use against you.

Automate your processes

With LogicManager, you don’t need to rely on memory to true up your user lists; set a designated frequency at which you’d like to check your user lists, and have the system automatically remind you to do so.

Satisfy examiners

Building a log of all user access reviews helps demonstrate good governance and shows that you are not negligent. Doing so within a robust system like LogicManager, as opposed to manual spreadsheets and documents, means that you’ll automatically have a full audit trail of exactly when everything was completed.

Cut costs

Through continually reviewing who has access to what, you’ll notice more quickly when you’re able to dial back on application agreements that charge per user. Additionally, using a software like LogicManager to perform your user access reviews cuts down the need to assign this task out to people, meaning you’re in a better place to reduce FTE costs if necessary.

LogicManager’s User Access Review Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s User Access Review solution package: 

  • Deploy a “set it and forget it” task assignment method, so that you never miss a review. Check these manually at any point to see what’s coming up for review soon.
  • Assign reviewers and additional sign-offs to ensure that multiple sets of eyes review these user lists, eliminating the risk for blind spots and subjectivity.
  • Use built-in issue tracking to flag instances where a user access review fails. This will then notify relevant stakeholders that remediation is needed. 
  • See all past user access reviews and their pass/fail statuses. This helps you identify trends (e.g. certain applications that always have inappropriate access, certain departments who aren’t managing it well, etc.) that need to be corrected.
  • Since LogicManager is a GRC platform, keep your user access reviews in the same place as you keep all other application-related information. This way, you’ll see interdependencies, recovery time objectives, security incidents and more related to your applications.

Our reporting capabilities are designed to help you see all historical results, as well as a breakdown of user access reviews by status, conclusion and more.

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