Present your risk information in ways you never thought possible. Our intuitive and insightful risk management dashboards connect information from different parts of your organization, helping you understand how your risk levels change as the organization evolves.
LogicManager’s ERM software makes it easy to identify vulnerabilities, gaps, and opportunities from different viewpoints within your organization, along with their connections to goals, requirements & actual business performance.


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Risk Dashboard Samples

Click to enlarge sample risk management dashboards.

New LogicManager customers also have the option of asking their dedicated Advisory Analyst to recreate and mirror any existing risk reports that are already in place. We’ll replicate these items, including your business’s logo and branding as a first step in the development of your LogicManager environment.

LogicManager’s BI risk reporting tool requires no IT training or experience and is included with any subscription to our ERM software. Simply drag and drop the fields and filters you’d like to create, and the tool will do the rest.

Insightful Risk Dashboards & Reporting

Display trends over time

  • Create risk reports with customized views on any subject
  • Stay up-to-date on what actions need to be taken before a loss materializes or a goal is impacted
  • Use the ERM dashboard to reveal trends around each risk since it was last assessed

Prioritize actions

  • Create heat maps to determine which business processes & risks need immediate action
  • Use enterprise risk dashboards to show a risk’s likelihood of occurrence, potential impact & your organization’s ability to mitigate that risk
  • Easily determine which risks require immediate attention, not just the inherent index score

Reveal systemic risks

  • Track the number of times a risk is independently assessed
  • Determine where each risk occurs to better understand its cumulative strategic impact
  • Automatically track progress on key measures for ERM success

Present granular & high-level data

  • Identify accurate, non-siloed risk profiles for each strategic goal by pushing out risk assessments across the organization
  • View a specific risk indicator, a broader risk factor that contains multiple individual risks, or look at an entire risk category

Serve a variety of stakeholders

  • Easily reorganize risks to meet the requirements of different stakeholders
  • Display risks related to a specific “vertical” category of the enterprise, such as finance or recruiting

Re-aggregate & simplify data

  • Use risk management reporting to re-aggregate data & view all risks in a particular process (e.g. vendor management or business continuity)
  • Simplify your ERM reporting presentations – each department can learn about the risks that affect them & see how those risks tie into the organization’s operations as a whole
Flexible, Easy-to-Use & Robust


“The support is incredible and the product is easy to use. LogicManager helped catapult our ERM efforts. The reports are an excellent tool for identifying opportunities for improvement! Their analysts and their library of resources are phenomenal!”

— VP of Quality, Safety & Risk, Winona Health


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Risk Reporting Customer Testimonials

Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis

LogicManager subscriptions include a built-in ad hoc risk reporting and an advanced analysis engine. These risk analysis tools provide the flexibility and ease-of-use needed to create any type of customizable enterprise risk management dashboards, reports or analyses.

Create pie charts, tables, graphs, maps, etc. that can be saved and distributed to your key stakeholders automatically and at any frequency. LogicManager’s Business Intelligence (BI) Risk Reporting Tool allows end users to supplement LogicManager’s canned reporting by building intuitive, secure, and scalable data visualizations. Ad hoc risk management reporting capabilities provide personalized risk analytics for your executives, board, or end users.

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