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The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk,

and Compliance Platforms, Q1 2014

LogicManager's ERM platform recognized as a "Strong Performer"

with its highest scores in "Customer References" & "Product Vision and Strategy".

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New Study Shows Corporations with Mature ERM Programs


up to 25%

Higher Market Valuations.

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More than 2000 organizations

use our risk management solution

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Presenting ERM to the Board

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What’s possible with our All-in-One ERM Software?

Gain efficiencies & insights to achieve your goals.

Enterprise Risk Management

Increase risk transparency, prioritize resources, and improve mitigation effectiveness.

Vendor Management


Consolidate all Vendor and Contract related information and add business value with ERM software.

Compliance Management


Track compliance changes from update notifications through operational implementation.

IT Governance and Security


Define the relationships of all your information assets and prioritize which areas you need to focus on with ERM software

Financial Reporting (SOX, 704)

Assure financial reporting accuracy and streamline process to reduce control and testing maintenance.

Business Continuity & DR


Define a consistent process and prioritize areas, activities, and resources from a Business Impact perspective.

Policy Management


Capture policy lifecycle and provide evidence of effectiveness to management, regulators, and the board.

Audit Management


A paper-less, risk-based audit process from planning to resolution of findings to electronic work papers.

Performance Management


Demonstrate impact of emerging risks on goals as well as track and trend forward-looking measures.

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All the content you need & all connected.

Tools that work together are easier, faster, and more effective.

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Recent Blog Posts

Online media outlet TechTarget recently visited the 2014 Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC) conference right in our hometown of Boston, MA. Their findings? A successful cybersecurity risk management framework must be built around “Coordination. Cooperation. Collaboration.” "You are not
Experts: Cyber Risk Management Requires Enterprise-Wide Governance
[Editor’s Note: The field of enterprise risk management is growing rapidly. Our new series, brought to you by the LogicManager Analyst Team, will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments in ERM.] Many business cases for enterprise risk management programs begin with what s
Independent Research Proves 25% Market Value Premium of Mature ERM Programs
CMS Wire’s Norman Marks recent article, “Why Risk Management Technology Projects Fail,” captures a common but limited viewpoint of Risk Management that limits its ability to succeed in any environment, whether supported by software, spreadsheets, or pen & paper. “To be successful,
How Risk Management Technology Projects Succeed
How can the 33rd largest company in America compromise the personal data of 56 million customers? And how can a company that spent $1 billion dollars to “digitize” itself take nine months to identify a breach? Most importantly, how can a company once cited for leadership and success in risk m
Why Did Home Depot Need More Risk Assessments?
Home Depot hacked. This #risk preventable with #ERMSoftware. So why are ERM Programs failing? — Steven Minsky (@SteveMinsky) September 2, 2014 The goal of an ERM program is to put your organization in the best position to manage uncertainty
#ERMvsGRC - Home Depot in Focus
In Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink,” he examines a hospital whose team had learned that to diagnose heart attacks, it’s more beneficial to gather a few key indicators than to try and take every measure into account. I’ve found that to judge the health of ERM programs, there are also a subset
Smart Companies Integrating ERM with SOX
Starting January 1, 2015, insurers across the United States are subject to a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model law requiring them to annually submit an Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA). ORSA is a self-assessment of sorts, requiring large and medium-size insurance
ORSA Compliance: An Opportunity, Not An Obligation
Despite reports that more than 65% of organizations have adopted Enterprise Risk Management, executives remain unimpressed and skeptical of the value their ERM programs are providing versus what is needed. A new report by APQC finds that fewer than 1 in 5 executives say their companies are eff
WSJ: Executives Report Inadequate Risk Management
A Russian crime ring has committed the largest data breach ever. According to a report in The New York Times, the ring allegedly stole 1.2 billion username and password combinations, and more than 500 million email addresses from some 420,000 websites. From an enterprise risk management persp
Password Theft Crisis: A Wake-up Call for ERM
Once SharePoint has taken root in a company, there’s a tendency to try to use it for everything. The mega-popular platform can accomplish many use cases, from social networking to document management. It’s no wonder then that Risk Managers have been asked to build their programs on SharePoint
ERM Software vs. SharePoint
Jeffery Reynolds’ article in ABA Banking Journal, “ERM: Getting it, and getting it right”, equates the definition of Enterprise Risk Management with happiness. Before you start with ERM, you have to define it. If it were only that easy to nail down the definition of ERM—but it is not…D
ERM: Doing it, and doing it right
Regardless of guilt or innocence, FedEx’s recent indictment has reminded us that in today’s world of complex global interactions and increased regulations, organizations must have a strong handle on interrelated risk, business processes, and relationships. This past week, FedEx made headli
Why are so many companies missing the point? ERM’s Role in Incident Prevention