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Your ultimate sidekick in saving time.

We get it—you have a lot on your plate and you’re being pulled in all directions. That’s why we created LMX—part of our cutting-edge Risk Intelligence Suite. Powered by generative AI, LMX is your ultimate sidekick that slashes your workload in half while making you look like the hero you are. No PhD in risk management needed. With LMX, you can focus on what truly matters: making decisions that move the needle and giving your leaders the assurance they crave.

  • Get More Than You Put In: LMX is designed to amplify your efforts and deliver greater returns on your time investment through process automation.
  • Enable Self-Sufficiency: Let your process owners ask LMX questions instead of coming to you, giving them the tools and guidance to execute flawlessly while freeing up your time for high-level strategy.
  • Always Be in the Know: LMX amplifies the trusted information from LogicManager University (LMU), giving you real-time updates on product releases and cutting-edge risk management best practices.

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LMX - Risk Management AI Assistant

Ask Questions as You Would to a Colleague

How can I take a risk based approach to creating my audit plan for the year?

How do I set up my scoring criteria?

What is a control that would mitigate my risk of “insufficient staffing”?

How do I limit any overlooked contract renewals?

How do I enter a financial line item in LogicManager taxonomy?

Effortless Solution Onboarding

LMX shatters the limits on how many jobs-to-be-done you can onboard at once, making the process a breeze. Whether you’re integrating multiple systems or scaling up your risk management operations, LMX has your back with clear instructions and real-time support. Get ready to adopt new solutions at lightning speed and keep your operations agile and ahead of the curve.

LogicManager Onboarding and Advisory Service

How LMX Supports Your Jobs-to-be-Done

LMX takes LogicManager from a passive data repository to an active, insights-driven powerhouse. No extra effort needed—LMX automates your processes like a pro. Check out these examples:

Automate your entire vendor due diligence process with LMX. From initial onboarding to ongoing reviews, LMX handles it all—triggering tasks, assessing criticality, and ensuring compliance. Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to a streamlined, foolproof system that keeps you on top of every vendor, every time.

Automate your SOX compliance with LMX. From creating risk control matrices and documenting controls to performing tests and tracking issues, LMX streamlines it all. Automate test requests, materiality assessments, and reporting, ensuring your SOX compliance is airtight and hassle-free.

Supercharge your ERM with LMX. From incident submission to ongoing monitoring, LMX automates every step. Identify emerging risks, assign review tasks, integrate significant risks into your ERM program, and generate automated reports. Keep your ERM process efficient, consistent, and comprehensive while eliminating human error.

LMX transforms risk management from a tedious chore to a seamless, automated experience. Ready to up your game? Let’s make LMX your new best friend!

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FAQ About LogicManager Expert (LMX)

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content and data that mimics human-generated content. Unlike traditional AI, which typically analyzes existing data to provide insights or make predictions, generative AI uses sophisticated algorithms and models to generate text, images, music, and other forms of media from scratch.

Generative AI systems are trained on vast datasets, learning patterns, and structures inherent in the data. One of the most well-known types of generative AI is the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, which uses deep learning techniques to generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on a given input or prompt.

No, LMX (LogicManager Expert) does not store your data. All queries and responses are processed in real-time, and no information is saved or logged by the system. LMX is designed with stringent data privacy and security measures to ensure that all user interactions remain confidential and secure. Here are the key points regarding data handling by LMX:

Data Privacy & Third-Party Sharing: No customer data is used for training or disclosed to OpenAI or Third Parties. LogicManager will use anonymized data for internal purposes only for system improvements.

Opt-Out Provisions: Not available due to operational functionality, but protected under strict security measures.

Confidentiality: All customer prompts and queries remain private and are not shared with any other users within your company or with third parties. Your interactions with LMX are completely confidential.

Compliance: LMX complies with our MSA’s security, privacy, and regulatory standards.

AI Model Usage & Security: LMX utilizes OpenAI GPT-4 commercial license trained only with LogicManager non-customer-specific knowledge.

LMX can answer a wide range of queries related to the LogicManager application and risk management best practices. It will not respond to questions outside of this scope, nor will it provide unverifiable information such as predictions.

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