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Don’t shy from disaster. Meet it head on with LogicManager’s business continuity software.

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You’re a superhero.

When calamity strikes, from a natural disaster to a data breach, you’re the one swooping in to get the business back up and running as quickly as possible. You need to know which functions of your business are the most critical. You need to identify the resources employees use to keep crucial processes functioning, and you need to have recovery steps outlined to get those functions and resources back online should havoc come to visit. Superheroes, however, are only as good as their sidekicks. LogicManager’s business continuity planning software is your new sidekick.

But you need a better sidekick.

Without business continuity software, constructing your BC/DR plan can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

  • A traditional spreadsheets and Word document system makes your information hard to access, update, and share.
  • Identifying and engaging the critical business units in the disaster recovery planning process requires an unnecessary amount of effort when you don’t have an integrated solution.
  • Without business continuity planning software, it can be impossible to identify the gaps in your BC/DR plans.
  • When disaster happens, you have nowhere to document and respond to these incidents for centralized tracking and trending.

LogicManager is your solution.

Let us introduce you to a business continuity software that erases all of your pain points.

Go the extra mile.

With your planning process improved, you can focus on going beyond the call of duty. At its core, our business continuity planning software is designed to help you align strategic goals with operational objectives. By giving you an enterprise-wide view of your risk at all times, LogicManager not only drastically reduces the time and money you spend on BC/DR, it helps you prove your invaluable impact on your company’s success.

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Work smarter, not harder..

LogicManager supports the auto-updating of Business Continuity Plan Call Trees by integrating with common HRIS applications like Workday. Our API refreshes your plans on a nightly basis, so that you never have to worry about manually copying and pasting new addresses, phone numbers or titles into your call trees.

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The facilitation ability that LogicManager offers us in terms of how you can just slice-and-dice the data in different ways is really the value-add for us.

Deane Johanis | Associate Director of Enterprise Risk & Business Continuity Programs, Toronto Airports Authority


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Continuity Management Software?

Business Continuity Management software makes it easier to construct and monitor the effectiveness of your business continuity plan. It streamlines and centralizes processes, helping to contextualize action items and delegate responsibilities quickly. It also helps you align strategic goals with operational objectives. Additionally, planning, crafting and managing your BCP through software helps you build an audit trail for your organization should a business continuity event occur to prove you were not negligent.

What Are Some Business Continuity Management Software Features?

Features of a Business Continuity Management software might include to-do lists, automated tasks, alerts and reminders, testing tools, incident and BIA templates, reports, checklists and more.

How Do I Know If Business Continuity Management Software Is Right For Me?

Whether or not Business Continuity Management software is right for you depends greatly on your business needs and the features and services the software company can provide you with. Do you need a system that only stores data? If so, you may be able to manage with a database management system. Do you need software that allows you to perform complex functions, like incident/event management, risk assessments or testing? You may need robust business continuity software. Make sure that when you’re evaluating platforms they are a good long-term fit for your organization, meaning they offer customer support and training, provide offerings within your budget, can integrate with your existing systems, handle data according to best practices and offer a pleasant user experience.  

Getting Started With Business Continuity Planning

We know it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to business continuity planning. That’s why we’ve created a free BCP checklist.