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At LogicManager, we believe that everything within an organization is knowable. Empowered with the right information, you can know about risks (including the best way to respond to them) before they materialize and stay primed for success in today’s See-Through Economy. Our risk-based, interconnected platform’s References functionality helps you quickly uncover information about your organization that leads to better business decisions. Read on to learn more.

Risk Ripple Diagram

Your organization is more connected than you think.

Visualize Interdependencies

There are no more than six degrees of separation between any two elements within your organization. Gain a holistic view of your organization with our Risk Ripple visualization that dives deeper into your web of connections and helps break down departmental silos. This allows you to instantly know how and where to escalate information, prioritize time and resources, and much more. Imagine you’re asked to re-evaluate your vendors: open the Risk Ripple and immediately know how each vendor is being used, how critical it is to operations, and who relies on it. This can help significantly inform your budgeting decisions.

Uncover Root Cause

Understanding upstream and downstream dependencies within your organization inherently help you uncover root cause sources of risk. Curious why a particular customer complaint was filed? When you manage incidents and events within LogicManager, References will show you any vendors, resources, people, processes, or controls associated with a risk event to help you determine why and how it may have materialized. This helps you design more effective controls to prevent recurring events.

But never sacrifice quality.

Identify Weak Spots

Identifying areas of improvement is what continually drives your business forward. If one of your teams discovers a control deficiency, with References, they can immediately alert the control owner and any other relevant process owners about the finding, allowing for quick and effective corrective action. On another occasion, let’s say one of your data centers was hit by a hurricane. References allows you to instantly see which areas of your business are impacted and who to get in contact with to enact your business continuity plans.

Avoid Negligence

Knowing the impact of a business decision helps keep your organization protected from negligence. Within References, your liability is documented and easily knowable to everyone, meaning that when any new process or change is implemented, you’ll have a clear understanding of where your accountability lies (or doesn’t). Preventing negligence also prevents lawsuits and scandals, which harm your reputation and deter you from achieving more strategic initiatives.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Quality risk insights not only uncover vulnerabilities but also valuable opportunities for improving your business’s performance. The Risk Ripple view of your References will help you capture opportunities for achieving your board and leadership mandates. This holistic approach will ensure risk-reward trade-offs are in alignment across your entire organization.

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