HR Employee Lifecycle Management

LogicManager’s HR Employee Lifecycle Management software empowers your organization to transform the way employees are onboarded and offboarding to deliver a seamless experience throughout each workflow. Whether an employee is coming into your organization or exiting, there are a set of risks that must be accounted for with each operation to ensure the company is not only safeguarded risks from a security, privacy, and regulatory perspective. Our risk-based approach will ensure that your HR management team can tackle any issues in order of criticality to the business. 

  • Streamline HR communications using LogicManager’s profile tasks. These tasks are customizable so they pose exactly the questions the HR team needs answered, and can be made required. This also helps your HR department know exactly where to look for information without having to search through inboxes and various files.
  • Our workflow engine seamlessly passes the torch from one department to the next with a simple checklist of action items people are responsible for during the employee onboarding and offboarding process.
  • Collecting and viewing critical information is made easy with our robust reporting engine. Visualize what step of the employee onboarding or onboarding process is at, who is responsible for the next steps, status of the next step, and how to understand these processes have performed over time
  • Integrate with Workday or other HR systems to seamlessly manage employee lifecycles
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Why Logicmanager? – Users of LogicManager’s ERM software explain how they have benefited from our platform and expert advisory service.

LogicManager helped catapult our ERM efforts. The reports are an excellent tool for identifying opportunities for improvement!

VP of Quality, Safety and Risk, Winona Health

The LogicManager DifferenceA Holistic Approach to Employee Lifecycle Management

LogicManager Risk Management Platform Data Breach Response Policy Dashboard Reports

Business Decision InsightsFocus on What’s Important

Through our ERM software, we enable our customers to allocate more time to strategic risk management, reducing their involvement in tedious administrative activities like data cleansing and manipulation. Our solution enhances operational efficiency while uncovering the “unknown knowns” that risk managers may overlook, thus ensuring proactive identification and mitigation of risks.

Customer ExperienceStreamline Your Risk Management Program

Unlike other software that requires IT professional customization, our solution allows customers to control engagement through an end-user configuration. This approach enables faster time-to-value and allows organizations to evolve their programs over time, not to mention a quicker return on investment.

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Taking a risk-based approach to risk management

Risk-Based ApproachPrepare for Tomorrow’s Surprises Today

A risk-based approach is the key to effective governance, risk, and compliance. By adopting this methodology, organizations can prioritize their efforts across different departments, recognize potential hurdles and crucial interdependencies, and allocate resources appropriately. Embracing a risk-based mindset allows organizations to strategically allocate their resources to areas that hold the most value in terms of privacy protection and compliance.

Financial Risk Assessment Template

Complimentary DownloadRisk Assessment Template for Excel

Our complimentary, easy-to-use risk assessment template allows you to complete risk assessments in Excel to better mitigate risk, direct your business strategy and much more.

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CapabilitiesAn All-In-One Employee Lifecycle Management Platform

Reporting & Dashboards

Our robust system makes it easy to build reports to prove compliance, measure effectiveness, and map out improvements.

Home Screen Customizations

House accurate and actionable data in one centralized platform that’s fully scalable to your organization’s specific needs.

Custom Profile & Visibility Rules

Dynamically track and document relevant details, all while restricting access to sensitive information.

Seamless System Connections

Our Integration Hub allows for seamless integration with over 500 popular third-party applications such as WorkDay, DocuSign, Office365, BitSight, RiskRecon, and accounts payable systems.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFoundations of Employee Lifecycle Management

When your organization decides to hire a new employee, to get from point A (brand new hire) to point B (capable employee) there are a variety of things that need to happen. Depending on the nature of your business, the employee’s job description, their supervisor’s needs, and the training resources available, these things look different for everyone. However, the process is referred to the same way almost all the way across the board: employee onboarding.

Employee onboarding involves integrating a new hire with your company, including its culture, the employee’s direct responsibilities, teammates, overall expectations, and more. How a new hire is treated in his or her first few days and months of their employment can leave a lasting impact on their impression of your company. Because of how important the employee onboarding process is, many organizations have – or strive to have – a standard, repeatable process in place. LogicManager’s Employee Onboarding solution is designed to streamline that process.

Without a formalized roadmap for the onboarding process, your leadership team may spend an unnecessary amount of time developing and executing a strategy for welcoming and training each new employee. This ad hoc approach eats up the time and energy of these valued employees and also pushes back the date that new hires can start taking on more meaningful work.

While a slow onboarding process wastes valuable time, it can also create a poor experience for the incoming employee. A process that’s too hasty and overwhelms the person can be equally detrimental to their first impression of your company. Any negative experience can leave someone with a bitter taste in their mouth, which could lead to them leaving a bad review on Glassdoor or sharing their criticism with others through word of mouth. This can significantly impact your reputation and hinder you from hiring new talent in the future.

When a decision has been made that an employee will be leaving your company – whether it’s made by the employee or employer – the transition can be difficult for all involved parties. Emotions are involved, other employees are impacted, and it can trigger an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty for the entire company.

One way to decrease uncertainty levels is to standardize the transition process. Having a formalized employee offboarding program can help manage expectations, protect your organization from risk, and ensure all boxes have been checked before the employee has officially stopped working.

Taking an ad-hoc, non-standardized approach to employee offboarding exposes your organization to substantial risks. While you may assume all of your employees have good intentions after leaving your company, there could always be hidden malintent that leads to a sensitive data breach. Furthermore, if the employee offboarding process is not handled properly and with sensitivity, you’re increasing the chances of that employee being frustrated and sharing their negative experience on a platform like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google or any other professional forum.

Without a robust solution package like LogicManager’s, you’ll lack a centralized repository of who has access to what. This means auditing your user access becomes a manual and time-consuming process that could eat up the hours and energy of you or other FTEs. Spending time on manual processes that could be automated and streamlined deters you from achieving more strategic organizational goals.

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