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LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. Since 2006, our risk-based approach has empowered organizations to anticipate what’s ahead, uphold their reputation, and improve business performance.

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Here at LogicManager, we provide powerful risk management software with comprehensive solutions that supply organizations with focused and improved risk management processes.

Our software allows you to centralize your risk management program into an all-in-one hub while streamlining your processes with a range of automated tools that allow for better risk identification, monitoring, and reporting.

Additionally, we pair customers with our team of expert thought leaders and risk management consultants to get your business to go exactly where you want it to go. With a range of personalized training sessions and best practice consulting services, our team can make your hard work easier and deliver results to both protect and optimize your business.

Why We Do It

See-Through Economy Social Media Reputation Risk

There’s no way around it: social platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor, and Yelp have empowered consumers to monumentally impact a company’s reputation. We refer to this trend in fast-paced transparency as the “See-Through Economy.”

New technologies have left companies with nowhere to hide, meaning the See-Through Economy makes risk management more important than ever. Gone are the days when PR teams could swoop in and keep a scandal under wraps. Corporate missteps of all magnitudes are now instantaneously shared, magnified, and multiplied.

So, how can companies succeed in this environment? It’s all about prevention. We believe performance is a result of effective risk management. Our enterprise risk management (ERM) software empowers organizations to anticipate what’s ahead, uphold their reputation, and improve business performance through strong governance.

Every company, no matter its industry, product, or service, impacts people like us. LogicManager is dedicated to helping businesses make this impact a positive one. In other words, we believe in good governance: holding each part of the organization to a high standard while empowering the enterprise to identify and mitigate risks before they materialize.

Today, consumers are truly empowered to speak out about what they expect from the companies they choose to support, recommend, and trust. Amidst the multitudes of corporate scandals dominating news headlines, consumers have come to expect good governance.

We provide the tools and services that make good governance possible in this See-Through Economy.

RMM for strong corporate governance

LogicManager’s mission and CEO Steven Minsky

Our culture is mission-driven. Every one of us cares about the work we’re doing to help companies manage their risks. But we also know that risk management isn’t familiar to everyone. Click the button below for a clear explanation of our company’s mission, history, and to meet our CEO!


How We Do It

Most businesses manage their risks, but many need a better approach. LogicManager is here to provide a better approach to risk management. Today, LogicManager’s SaaS software and ERM consulting service help businesses integrate risk, governance, and compliance activities so they can make proactive decisions that enable them to reach their goals.

What makes LogicManager’s approach different? Many risk management solutions focus on separate areas of the business, managing risks associated with vendors and risks associated with IT separately, for example. While a business is comprised of its parts, these parts contribute to the whole, and therefore work interdependently. This means their risks are also connected. A risk associated with IT could very well overlap with a risk in vendor management.

Our risk-based ERM solutions account for these interdependencies by giving companies an enterprise-wide view of their risk. If companies can understand which risks overlap and which risks are most impactful to their organization as a whole, they can streamline their risk management processes, and save time and money, while improving performance.

Our Culture

LogicManager is a team-based organization. Our employees are creative, energetic, proactive, and intelligent in both their thoughts and actions. At LogicManager, there’s a shared desire to be at the forefront of innovation, and constantly bring real value to our customers across the world.

We care about the work we do. We help businesses do right by themselves and by others. The decisions corporations make affect every one us, and it’s our job to empower businesses to make the best decisions. That’s why we get up in the morning.

LogicManager takes pride in its dedication to a rewarding office culture, and is named a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal, a Best Tech Work Culture by the Timmy Awards, and a certified national Great Place to Work®.


Our Story

In 2005, LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky founded LogicManager, Inc. on the belief that performance is a result of effective risk management. Building on years of experience in risk and business process management, he saw that operating within silos hinders a company’s ability to make risk-aware strategic decisions. He realized an integrated, risk-based platform is needed to achieve strategic goals.

Mr. Minsky built the LogicManager ERM platform on a taxonomy technology designed to revolutionize how organizations approached traditional governance, risk management, and compliance concerns. Today, LogicManager’s solutions continue to empower companies to communicate and align their values across their organization, from the front lines to the executive level.

At the time LogicManager was founded, Steven teamed up with the Risk Management Society (RIMS) to advance the discipline of enterprise risk management. He donated his intellectual property and expertise to author the Risk Maturity Model (RMM) (previously the Risk Maturity Model). The RMM’s proven ERM framework and free online assessment tool have helped thousands of risk professionals across the world benchmark and expand their enterprise risk management programs.

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