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Empower your ERM program with LogicManager’s advanced risk reporting capabilities.

Present Risk Information in Ways You Never Thought Possible. 

Risk, governance, and compliance professionals are frequently called upon to demonstrate the effectiveness of their program, rally the support of various stakeholders, and present relevant information in an engaging way. Get the job done with LogicManager’s risk dashboards and reports. Our risk reports are built on powerful taxonomy technology that centralizes your information and breaks down silos. LogicManager makes better business decisions and continued success a beautiful possibility.

risk management dashboard

Leverage LogicManager’s pre-built risk reports. 

With the click of a button, you can generate dashboards for audit, business continuity, compliance, vendor management, incidents, SOX, and more with a range of key risk indicators.

Our software comes with a wide range of reports that enable you to do anything from checking the status of outstanding tasks and reviewing incidents, to proving compliance and ensuring policies are up to date.

Prepare for your next audit, regulatory review, or board meeting is a success with interactive risk dashboards that can keep it high level or drill down deep.

risk management reporting

We’ll custom build the reports you need. 

When you join LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are experts in your field. They’ll reconfigure pre-made reports, recreate any existing reports you currently use, or build a brand new custom risk dashboard for you.

This way, you’ll always be able to answer questions like which departments contribute to their goals, what the root-cause risks are, and where resources should be allocated.

The best part? This professional service is yours at no extra cost.

enterprise risk dashboard

The possibilities are endless.

LogicManager’s risk management dashboards and reports are designed to give you a dynamic view of your company’s risk profile.

Heatmaps automatically update to reflect new information, so you can view risks holistically by initiatives, key concerns, departments, or any other category you choose.

This enables you to track the effectives of risk mitigations, metrics that are about to fall out of tolerance, and processes that could benefit from centralized controls.

risk metrics and monitoring software demo

Succeed with connected solutions and expert support!

LogicManager’s risk tracking solutions help you understand key dependencies and control effectiveness, so you can better allocate time and resources towards what matters most. Request a free demonstration of our solutions to see how LogicManager’s connected solutions and expert support can enable your success.


Present your reports to the board.

Getting buy-in from the board can be a challenge.

Download our complimentary eBook and discover the best way to present ERM to the board.


See our risk reporting in action.

Our advisory team will recreate any existing report you currently use to show you how powerful, flexible, and accommodating our risk reporting engine is. Just reach out to an analyst!

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