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Learn more about our COVID-19 risk management solutions that we have customized and packaged for existing clients at no additional cost.


Meet Your Challenges Head On

Risk management is an integral part of creating a safe and empowering learning environment. To serve their students and staff best, educational institutions must assess and control risks associated with student safety, food service areas, transportation, and much more, all while complying with a wide range of regulations. Staying on top of these risks demands a powerful and flexible education risk management program. Our software solutions are designed to meet the needs of your unique and dynamic industry.

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For places of learning, reputation is everything. That’s why we’ve created an ERM software that will turn your risk program into your best ally for keeping your name intact.

  • Identify the most critical risks across campus with our out-of-the box education risk assessment templates.

  • Aggregate information across multiple campuses, schools, and colleges.

  • Maintain a university-wide view of your risk by linking controls to the resources, procedures, and departments they impact.

  • Track, monitor, and resolve incidents with web-based incident report forms.

  • Constantly improve your risk program by collecting meaningful performance metrics.

  • Track all regulatory compliance requirements including FERPA, HIPAA, pre-grant rules, post-grant rules and other educational standards in our pre-built risk library.


Experience a Customized Education Risk Management Solution

We’ve built our education risk management software with you in mind. Check out some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with our software. We have everything you need to make risk management for universities and colleges a painless process.

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Transform How You Think About Risk

LogicManager’s platform is designed to alleviate the pain points in your education risk management processes so you can focus on aligning and achieving operational and strategic goals across your organization.

LogicManager’s software and expert advisory services provide a risk-based framework and methodology to accomplish all of your risk assessment and governance activities, while simultaneously revealing the connections between those activities and the goals they impact.


“What we needed was some hand-holding with regards to what to look for in the system and how the taxonomy of the different areas speak to each other so we could maximize the benefits of it. LogicManager has definitely provided that, as well as the expertise that the analysts have with regards to ERM – we’ve been able to learn a lot. They also have the greatest response rate ever known to mankind!”

Jean Outland-Rhodes, ERM System Administrator | Rutgers University

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