Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
LogicManager’s Completeness Checker

You’re doing everything you should be doing—risk assessments, monitoring controls, the works—but gaps threaten to undermine your efforts. That’s where the Completeness Checker comes in. Think of it as your go-to tool for comprehensive risk assurance. It helps you spot unassessed and unmitigated risks, preventing issues like fraud, waste, and negligence. By highlighting critical gaps and unmonitored controls, it lets you prioritize your resources efficiently, focusing on the most pressing risks and saving you time, money, and effort. Plus, the Completeness Checker provides instant insights and guides you on the next steps for remediation. This proactive approach boosts your compliance, sharpens your decision-making, and enhances your overall risk management effectiveness. Take action now to catch risks before they’re a problem.

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Prioritize Resources and Close Gaps

Holistic Risk Coverage

By cross-referencing data from all over your organization, the Completeness Checker helps you spot gaps and overlaps in your risk management processes. This holistic approach ensures no risk goes unnoticed, giving you a rock-solid foundation for your risk management strategy.

Increased Efficiency

Manually checking for completeness is tedious and prone to human error. The Completeness Checker automates the whole process, freeing you up to focus on more strategic tasks. Streamline your workflow, cut down on manual efforts, and use your resources more effectively.

Accurate Reporting

Providing accurate and reliable reports to stakeholders can be tough. The Completeness Checker ensures your reports are based on complete and verified data, boosting confidence in your findings and supporting better decision-making.

Free Up Your Time with the Control Suggestion Wizard

You’ve found some gaps and unmitigated controls, so now what? The Control Suggestion Wizard, part of the Completeness Checker, links with LogicManager Expert (LMX) to instantly suggest and implement controls for unmitigated risks. You get AI-powered insights and clear, actionable guidance right when you need it, saving you tons of time. It’s a game-changer for your decision-making and control management, providing suggestions that traditional methods just can’t match. With the Control Suggestion Wizard, you can streamline your risk management process and tackle potential threats with confidence.

Control Suggestion Wizard

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