Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software Solutions to Transform Your Business

LogicManager’s ERM software can connect all your enterprise risk management, governance, and compliance activities in one centralized hub. This will allow you to save time while improving your business performance with a structured and systematic approach.
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The Leading ERM System to Streamline Your Enterprise Risk Management Program

The connected methodology behind our enterprise risk management software extends across every solution area of LogicManager. So no matter what your goals are, you’re always taking a standardized, meaningful, and actionable approach thanks to our risk management solution.

With LogicManager’s automated ERM system, you can streamline your risk management processes. Our cloud based software is easy to use and allows you to engage the people involved in any governance process with automatic notifications and reminders. Track the status of projects by maintaining a real time visual on what risk assessment tasks are outstanding and complete.


Expert Advisory Services

When you sign on to use LogicManager’s ERM Software, we pair you with a team of dedicated advisory analysts to work with you on your risk management processes and your risk assessments. As experienced ERM and GRC consultants, they get you up and running on your new enterprise risk management software in one -on-one training sessions, upload all of your existing data, build risk assessment reports for you, and answer any technical and best-practice questions you have so that you can save time.


Customer Success With Our Enterprise Risk Management Software

Our customers get more than a cloud-based ERM program; they get a long-term partner for their risk management program. When you sign on with us, we make sure to pair you with an advisor who is genuinely invested in your success and helps you use LogicManager’s risk management software to its fullest potential. That’s why we’re known for customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ERM Software?

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software helps you take an enterprise-wide approach to risk management and compliance. Your risks and compliance programs are all connected, so they should be managed using software that inherently draws connections between the people, processes and departments at your organization that house those risks and ladder up to various regulations. ERM software serves as a centralized hub for managing risk across your entire enterprise.

What Are Some ERM Software Features?

Your ERM software should feature tools that allow you to take a risk-based approach to every activity across your enterprise. ERM software may include tools for identifying and assessing risks, risk mitigation suggestions, risk monitoring strategies, reporting engines, advisory services and more. With ERM software, you ideally apply this risk-based methodology to every process and department in your organization.

How Much Does ERM Software Cost?

The price of ERM software varies greatly depending on which vendor you select. Some ERM software vendors offer platforms for $20,000 or less, while others offer more premium applications and services that put their prices higher, closer to $40,000. To determine the price of an ERM software vendor, since software product offerings often greatly vary based on user needs, you’ll usually need to meet with a representative from their company to receive a customized quote. It’s also important to note that in many cases, the cost of professional services that are needed to use an ERM platform can be significantly more expensive than the cost of the actual software.

How Do I Know If Enterprise Risk Management Software Is Right For Me?

You may not need ERM software if your company is very small, with no board of directors or governing bodies. However, ERM software may be right for you if your company is publicly traded, has multiple locations, is subject to regulatory requirements, operates in a volatile industry or has a history of or subjectivity to negative public perception. Perhaps at this point in your company history no serious risks have taken place, however, without an enterprise-wide view, unforeseen risks could arise at any given moment. Click here to learn more about the value of ERM software.