One-Click Compliance

Compliance is about to get a whole lot easier...
  • Watch your compliance score soar
  • Provide proof of compliance to regulators and key stakeholders

  • Focus on establishing controls for unmitigated risks
  • Quantify the percentage of controls that overlap between various frameworks

So you’ve identified a standard, framework, or regulation requirement. Now what?

You’ll have to determine what actions need to be taken to ensure that your company is remaining compliant. Luckily, as a LogicManager customer, you won’t have to waste time creating new controls or searching through hundreds of existing controls to align with a particular standard, framework, or regulation. Through our taxonomy-driven artificial intelligence, LogicManager will surface all relevant controls and allow you to link them to a compliance plan in just one click.

Let’s see how it works:

Step 1:

Access your Compliance Library. Here you will see a dashboard that serves as a highly visual aggregate of compliance data for your various standards, frameworks, and regulations. Choose any area in need of improvement.

Step 2:

Ready to improve your compliance score? Blink and you’ll miss it! Start with a new plan for a particular standard, framework, or regulation. Click “Automap Controls,” and suggestions for satisfying the related requirements will appear.

Step 3:

Simply dismiss unwanted suggestions and accept desired controls. Then, return to your dashboard to see your compliance score rise!

Achieve Compliance with LogicManager

With LogicManager’s software and expert support, you can move beyond compliance and leverage a broad scope of organizational knowledge to focus on strategic goals and operational risks.