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A Step-by-Step Guide to Presenting Risk Management

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Boards of Directors are under more pressure than ever to have effective risk management systems in place, and are looking to their risk managers to see where their companies stand. Today’s risk managers are wondering:

What should I present to the Board today?

How are you going to objectively prioritize or rank your organization’s risks? Are you able to link operational risks to the strategic goals they impact? How do you demonstrate the effectiveness of risk mitigation activities?

Which future trends in risk management should I be preparing for?

What is the role and accountability for 10K/10Q risk factor disclosures? What do private companies need to know?

Topics covered:

  • Presenting the current state of your ERM program, and the value it’s delivering to your company’s bottom-line
  • Overcoming challenge in assembling and aggregating risk management information across silos
  • Keeping one comprehensible picture of risk for the board
  • Quantifying your organization’s risks through enterprise-wide risk assessments
  • Linking operational risks to the strategic goals they impact
  • Prioritizing operational mitigation control activities and business metrics

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