The See-Through Economy

How LogicManager’s Package Solutions Help Organizations Build a Better Tomorrow

To thrive in the See-Through Economy you need to understand the expectations of your customers and translate them into the appropriate actions for your organization. That’s where LogicManager’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for analyzing and improving enterprise risk management, governance, and compliance comes in. Every job performed in an organization has risks that need to be managed. Customers hire LogicManager with our configurable software solutions for each of these jobs which include the workflows, content, integrations, and related implementation services bundled together as a single fixed price unit with unlimited licenses for those who perform this job.

We enable organizations to select which solutions packages to leverage based on their specific needs and priorities. These solutions packages then help you effectively act to meet those expectations and overcome risk management challenges. Competitors sell their platforms along with professional services which are charged by the hour to build out each implementation. LogicManager pairs you with a team of analysts who will introduce you to all the pre-built content you need, help tailor the system to your exact preferences, and provide expert consultation all included for the lifetime of your subscription with no surprise fees.

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The See-Through Economy
See-Through Economy Social Media Reputation Risk

What is the See-Through Economy?

LogicManager uses the term See-Through Economy to explain the trend in fast-paced transparency, where consumers and investors are empowered to impact a company’s reputation. New technologies have left companies with nowhere to hide, meaning the See-Through Economy makes risk management more important than ever. With a mature ERM program, you can anticipate what’s ahead, uphold your reputation and protect your community.

See-Through Economy Infographic

Complimentary DownloadSee-Through Economy Infographic

The See-Through Economy makes risk management more important than ever. Download this infographic to learn the impact the See-Through Economy can have on your business and how ERM can help you adapt.


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We believe performance is a result of effective risk management.

We infuse this belief into everything we do; by taking a risk-based approach to protecting your reputation, providing business decision insights, and delivering an amazing customer experience with our robust software platform.

Speak with one of our risk specialists today and learn how to empower your organization to uphold their reputation, anticipate what’s ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance.