Manage Your Risk With Solution Packages

Manage Your Risk With Solution Packages

At LogicManager, we understand the importance of your role and how it connects to others in your organization. To accelerate your adoption of a risk-based approach, we infuse our deep domain expertise in risk management with pre-configured software, content, workflows, integrations, and reporting bundles that you need to do your job. Our solution packages are designed holistically to engage others across your organization and out through your vendor and partner networks for sustaining resiliency.

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LogicManager Implementation & Advisory Service Model


Learn more about LogicManager’s risk-based implementation and advisory service consulting model in this shareable brochure.

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The LogicManager Difference

We believe our customers don’t buy software features, they buy the outcomes that our software and advisory services deliver. Our customers buy the Protection of their Reputation from legal liabilities, regulatory penalties, security and privacy violations, business continuity events, 3rd party partner failures, frauds, waste, and other mishaps. Our team of risk management specialists will help you identify the risks within each of your business areas and help you adopt our solutions and keep you updated on the latest threats and helps you prepare your organization with the latest processes and policies. At LogicManager, you will be assigned a dedicated Advisory Analyst partner in conjunction with our Advisory Team. Download this informational guide on how we apply a risk-based approach to help protect what matters most. Your Reputation is supported by our Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. We invite you to learn more with our Implementation & Advisory Service Model warranty.

“LogicManager is cost-effective, is very flexible so it can be used for many risk management tasks, and the support is fantastic!”

– Bill Baumer | Chief Audit and Risk Officer

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