Request Pricing For Our Leading Risk Management Software

Request Pricing For Our Leading
Risk Management Software

Streamline and automate your risk management
program with our all-in-one Risk Management Hub

With LogicManager you get:

• Flexible pricing to meet your company’s unique risk management needs
• Solutions most relevant to your business needs
• Unrivaled support from our expert advisory team

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    Categories: Company, Datasheet, DownloadPublished On: November 30th, 2021
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“LogicManager is cost-effective, is very flexible so it can be used for many risk management tasks, and the support is fantastic!”

– Bill Baumer | Chief Audit and Risk Officer

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LogicManager’s leading risk management software is powerful, easy to use, and affordable. Every business is unique, so we base our GRC software pricing on the number of individuals accessing the system and how many areas of the system your company needs access to.

A demo is a great way to see exactly how you can benefit from our customized software.

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Why LogicManager GRC Software

SaaS Means Flexibility and Savings

LogicManager is an online SaaS solution, which means there are no lengthy implementation periods. We’ll have you up and running in the system immediately so that you can see the value of your purchase on day one. You’ll never have to tangle with your internal IT department either – we handle system updates and ongoing maintenance for you.

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Top-Rated Service at No Extra Cost

Our top-rated professional services and software customizations are included in our pricing, so you’ll never be surprised with an invoice. When you sign on to LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are there to train you on the system, customize our platform to meet your goals, upload your existing data, answer your questions, and build reports for you during the lifetime of your subscription.

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Unwavering Dedication to Your Success

We’ll never lock you into a lengthy contract. Why would we? Our customers love us, our software is robust, and our prices are unbeatable. This means we’re pretty confident that once you’re with us, you’re here to stay. However, choosing a software can be tricky. To help make your decision easier, we’ve committed ourselves to being transparent about our risk software costs.

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A big thank you to our customers and employees for making these recent recognitions possible. We attribute them to our unwavering commitment to customer advocacy.

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FAQ about LogicManager Pricing

How do you determine pricing?

The annual licensing subscription is based primarily on how many users need access to the system and which areas of the platform your company is utilizing. We help you design a package based on your needs that can be adjusted at any point during your subscription.

Any surprise fees?

Nope. LogicManager is offered as an annual subscription with only two costs: annual licensing and a one-time getting started fee, which covers all implementation, onboarding, maintenance, and training throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

Does it cost extra for professional services?

Professional services are included in our pricing. Professional services are the number one reason why people tell us they’re unhappy about their current vendor. Unexpected fees for professional services increase the cost of risk management and remove the incentive to create intuitive software. We want you to learn and enjoy our platform, so we’re happy to pair you with an advisory team that will help you do just that.

How many users come in each package?

Give us a call or request a quote! We’ll provide a specific quote based on how many administrators and infrequent users will have access to the system.

Are there different types of users?

Yes! There are three different types of users you can add to your LogicManager package. Administrative users have control to alter questions, titles, and visibility through the configuration tool, as well as navigate through plans, risk libraries, taxonomy areas, etc., and send out tasks. Moderate users can navigate through plans, risk libraries, taxonomy areas, etc., and send out tasks, but cannot enter the configuration functionality of the tool. Light users can only interact with LogicManager through a task they are assigned, such as filling out risk assessments, due-diligence questionnaires, etc. The combinations of admin, moderate, and light users you need will affect your unique price point. We’ll work with you to find the right combination.

What does it cost to have a report built?

Nothing! It’s all included in your annual licensing and one-time getting started fee. We’ll never charge you extra for building a report, additional training sessions, customizations, or maintenance.