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Guiding Our Customers Through COVID-19

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Meet Your Challenges Head On

The nonprofit sector has shown an increased focus on transparency and corporate social responsibility. At LogicManager, we’re committed to making this focus a reality. Our risk-based approach enables nonprofits to overcome their challenges of establishing a healthy risk culture and communicating that culture across all levels of the organization. Nonprofits have little to no margin for error, so managing risks proactively and cost-effectively is paramount. It’s a tough job, but LogicManager is here to help in all aspects of risk management for charities and nonprofits alike.

How Can We Help You?


While many nonprofits face similar challenges, everyone is different. That’s why we’ve created a customizable software that responds to your specific needs.

  • Connect and communicate risk to all areas of the business with our taxonomy technology.

  • Keep a running list of your risks, their likelihood, and impact in one centralized platform.

  • Design effective mitigation activities based on the information you collect from objective risk assessments.

  • Always have a plan of action when disaster strikes with our business continuity software.

  • Track all regulatory compliance requirements like ISO, OSHA, EPA and others in our pre-built risk library.

  • Present critical risks, opportunities, and prove your sustainability with customizable reports and dashboards.


LogicManager and Nonprofit Winona Health Win GRC Value Award in Risk Management!

Research firm GRC 20/20 awarded nonprofit healthcare provider, Winona Health, the GRC Value Award in Risk Management for integrating its enterprise risk management (ERM) and incident management programs in just 45 days. To learn more about how LogicManager’s software and support enabled Winona Health to achieve value with a risk-based approach, download the GRC 20/20 case study.

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Experience a Customized Nonprofit Risk Management Solution

LogicManager has you in mind. Explore some of the pre-built, industry-specific content that comes with our software. We have everything you need to make your risk management process a painless one.

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Transform How You Think About Risk

LogicManager’s platform is designed to alleviate the pain points in your nonprofit risk management processes so that you can focus on aligning and achieving operational and strategic goals across your organization. LogicManager’s software and expert advisory services provide a risk-based framework and methodology with which to accomplish all of your risk assessment and governance activities, while simultaneously revealing the connections between those activities and the goals they impact.


“I am very impressed with the constant improvements being implemented by LogicManager which are based on customer input.”

Coletta West, Sr. Legal Database Administrator | University Hospitals


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