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Ever wondered, “What are other people doing to mitigate this risk?” Or, “How many controls do I need to have in place to satisfy this new regulatory requirement?” LogicManager’s Content Hub takes the guesswork out of risk management and compliance. Home to hundreds of assessments, frameworks, best practices and regulatory requirements, the Content Hub provides the most up-to-date version of everything you need. Simply find what you’re looking for and instantly import control sets or requirements into your environment in just one click.


Make your life easier.

If you don’t know where to start, start here.

Imagine being able to immediately make progress on a new initiative without having to spend a bunch of time wondering where to start. Whether you’re looking to perform a risk assessment or work towards a compliance initiative, you are just one click away from making headway. Imagine how impressed your boss will be! And don’t worry – we won’t tell them you used our Content Hub to pull it off.

Alleviate concerns that you’re “missing something.”

Imagine the peace of mind you’d feel knowing your organization is aware of and managing all the relevant risks to your business. The Content Hub offers that peace of mind by providing you with real-world, industry specific risks that are also pertinent to your organization.

Carry over compliance efforts. 

Let’s say that a new version of NIST is released. You’ll immediately be able to see what’s changed, how compliant you are with the new version and what gaps your organization might have. Through AI, we’ll show you that you’re more compliant than you think; imagine completing a SOC 2 assessment and immediately seeing how those efforts helped you become NIST and CIS compliant as well. And you may be just a few controls away from being fully compliant with another framework.

But never sacrifice quality.

Leverage the most up-to-date controls and requirements.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to subscribe to and read through dozens of email notifications just to stay up to date on regulatory and industry changes? Luckily, the LogicManager team stays on top of evolving control sets, frameworks and regulatory requirements so that when something inevitably changes, we’ll let you know. Then, simply download the latest update without disrupting your current workflows.

Build on a foundation of best practices.

Imagine having access to an experienced GRC professional who can guide you to reaching your goals. LogicManager’s Content Hub leverages our learnings from over 15 years of experience as a GRC software provider to bring you content that represents the industry’s best practices. These are not theoretical risks or example frameworks, this is real data used and tested by real companies just like yourself.

Benchmark yourself against similar companies.

You’re not alone when you’re using LogicManager’s Content Hub; you’ll be able to leverage the knowledge of risk managers around the world. LogicManager has been helping you tear down departmental silos within your organization, and now we want to break them down between companies. See what risks and requirements are most commonly used by your peers and view suggestions for how to assess those. You’ll even be able to see what level of mitigation efforts (i.e. number of controls) your peers use to mitigate risks or meet requirements.

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