Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance Management

When it comes to vendor spending, there are multiple risks facing your organization– you need to be in compliance, make it easy for your vendors to conduct business, and protect your organization’s reputation. LogicManager’s holistic bundle is your go-to solution to protect your business when engaging with suppliers. Our Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance Compliance solution allows you to:

  • Identify how much you are spending on vendors and ensure it meets diversity requirements.
  • Understand and manage regulatory standards, especially when engaging with diverse suppliers who may be subject to new requirements.
  • Identify critical vendors– and their associated risks using intuitive, objective risk assessments.
  • Provide transparency to your vendors and create a seamless, intuitive user experience.
  • Easily integrate disparate ERP systems, including Workday and Deltek Costpoint.
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Why Logicmanager? – Users of LogicManager’s ERM software explain how their risk management programs have benefited from our platform and expert advisory service.

Customer Success StoriesExplore How Companies Overcame Challenges With Our Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance Solution

Bryan Phillips from Federal Home Loan Back of Indianapolis discussing procurement risk management

How To Take a Risk-Based Approach to Third-Party Risk & Contract Management

In this presentation, Bryan Phillips from Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis discusses the third-party life cycle and how he built his TPRM program with LogicManager.

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TPRM Banking Case Study

Risk-Based Third-Party Management in the Financial Industry

How one bank used LogicManager to overcome third-party risk management challenges and achieve success

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We’ve been able to create a centralized place to house multiple review processes that were previously handled via email. This has enabled tracking, reporting, and visibility to processes that wasn’t available before LogicManager. The Customer Support team has been amazing! Everyone I’ve interacted with has offered positive solutions and offered assistance.”
Compliance Change Management Specialist
Financial Services
“I have implemented LogicManager across four organizations and believe it to be the best product out there for ERM. The company listens to the feedback from end users and incorporates that into system enhancements and upgrades. The Advisory Analysts are like having an add to staff, as they assist in identifying and sharing ideas to address customer use cases.”
AVP - ICFR & Vendor Risk Manager
Financial Services
“The overall experience has been very positive. The implementation team has done a great job of walking us step by step through the set up process. The initial introduction to the software was overwhelming, but through careful guidance and instruction, the system has become much easier to navigate. Continued familiarity with the product is creating more confidence in using the system. The software allows you to centralize processes and create efficiencies throughout the organization. Once the processes are built out, they system allows you to automate reminders to ensure on-going compliance with federal regulatory requirements.”
SVP, Senior Compliance Manager

The LogicManager DifferenceA Holistic Approach to Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance

LogicManager Risk Management Platform Data Breach Response Policy Dashboard Reports

Business Decision InsightsFocus on What’s Important

Through our ERM software, we allow our customers to spend more time strategically managing risks– and less time on tedious administrative activities, like data cleansing and manipulation. Eliminate repetitive reconciliation between systems.

Customer ExperienceStreamline Your Risk Management Program

Unlike other software that requires IT professional customization, our solution allows customers to control engagement through an end-user configuration.  Link risks and controls to the business areas and resources they impact with our taxonomy technology. This approach enables faster time-to-value and allows organizations to evolve their programs over time, not to mention a quicker return on investment.

Business professionals high five over vendor management
Taking a risk-based approach to risk management

Risk-Based ApproachPrepare for Tomorrow’s Surprises Today

We believe success is a result of effective risk management. Taking a risk-based approach to your risk program allows your organization to prioritize time and resources appropriately, determine functional areas that pose the greatest threats, and identify the most critical controls.

5 Steps Risk Assessments eBook Financial Edition

Free eBook5 Steps for Better Risk Assessments: Financial Edition

Learn how to make your assessments comparable across departments and levels, aggregate the information in a way that adds value to your financial organization, organize your risk assessments to comply with the big regulators like the OCC and FFIEC in this free eBook.

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CapabilitiesAn All-In-One Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance Platform

Reporting & Dashboards

Use our robust reporting system to aggregate all accounts payable information to see any outstanding payments, trending patterns, or mismanaged vendors in custom, comprehensive reports with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

Home Screen Customizations

Customize your home screen with unique profiles that correspond to LogicManager roles, like providing quick access to everyday users’ most important action items or your executives’ favorite reports.

References & Risk Ripple

Use LogicManager’s References capability to automatically connect your internal resources (like vendors, applications, and other assets) and make associations that help you understand all of the ways a vendor touches your organization.

Workflow Capability

Customizable workflows allow you to automatically engage process owners to confirm contract renewals and flow information into your ERP system to ensure the accounts payable team is not fulfilling invoices for canceled services.

Risk Assessment

LogicManager has robust risk ratings assessments that provide a holistic view of your vendor risk, including credit rating changes, security, financial impact, technology, business continuity, and data integrity among others.

Resource Management

Use our Resource Management tools to collect due diligence on your vendors’ supplier questionnaires – and manage the entire vendor lifecycle.

Seamless System Connections

Our Integration Hub allows for seamless integration with over 50 popular third-party applications including ERP platforms such as WorkDay and Deltek Costpoint.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFoundations of Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance

Without linking your vendor management and accounts payable processes, you are setting your organization up for overpaying vendors, missing renewal pricing discounts, or missing key compliance elements. The same is true for Accounts Receivable with under collections and missed opportunities for contractual term negotiation and realignment at renewals.

Consultants and additional FTEs are required to run a due diligence and contract program in the absence of software. Once you factor in the cost of unintended auto-renewals, overpayments, and poor expense management of contract terms, expenses, and liabilities due to gaps between those in the organization that rely on the vendor, procurement and finance become high. In organizations, avoidable duplicate payments represent about 0.5% of all payments. Although 0.5% doesn’t sound like much, it does reflect significant sums at scale. For example, 0.5% of $1B in AP is $5M in duplicate payments going out each year.

Companies are increasingly being required to report on their spending with diverse suppliers, including minority, veteran, disabled, and women-owned businesses. Regulators often require companies to report quarterly on their diversity data, from the number of contracts in place to how much is spent.

The risks of waste, fraud, abuse, and noncompliance in financial transactions increase unnecessarily when finance lacks transparency and accountability; accountability with vendors, and on behalf of the many stakeholders across the organization that those vendors serve. This can result in preventable financial reporting misstatements, cash flow inaccuracies, contract disputes, or even regulatory liabilities.

Vendor Spend Compliance is more than just the contractual money owed by a business to its suppliers. Managing financial transactions of an organization and their accounting means identifying the sources of risk in vendor management. These risks are controlled by integrating an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system to provide a supervisory umbrella over your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP systems record risks that have already happened, while LogicManager’s ERM system manages all the risks that have not yet happened. That way, you can prevent the negative impact of risks by providing better governance over financial controls within your operations.

Integrating disparate systems, like Workday and DelTek Costpoint, can help companies:

  • Eliminate quarterly reconciliation between their various systems 
  • Make it easier to interact and receive information from vendors

When conducting business with vendors, there are a variety of risks your business faces, from financial to reputational. Procurement risk management software helps your business keep compliant while protecting your organization’s reputation by identifying and mitigating risks before they become an issue.

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Request a DemoLearn How LogicManager’s Diversity Spend Risk & Compliance Software Can Transform Your Third Party Risk Management Program

Speak with one of our risk specialists today and discover how you can empower your organization to uphold their reputation, anticipate what’s ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance.

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