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Measuring the Worth of Your ERM Software: Overview

There’s an old saying: “How many ships have I saved by erecting a lighthouse?” While we may not be able to quantify that number, we can quantify the ROI of enterprise risk management software.

Cost reduction is the most cited reason for investing in ERM software.

Whether you’re collecting hard or soft dollar savings, the ROI is undeniable. As a risk manager, this is clear to you – but what happens when your department faces budget cuts?

If you’re struggling to convince leadership to invest in ERM software, or need to prove the value of your existing one, this eBook is for you. It provides:

  • A breakdown of hard and soft dollar savings resulting from an investment in ERM software (based on every area of governance within your organization)
  • Detailed statistics that quantify a variety of those hard and soft dollar savings
  • Instructions for how to get the most out of your LogicManager account

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