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Uphold Your Reputation, Anticipate What’s Ahead & Improve Business Performance

As an auditor, it’s your fiduciary responsibility to report risks from across your organization. You need to provide evidence that you’re remediating risks– otherwise, you can be found guilty of negligence, exposing your organization to potential fines and penalties. Our internal audit management software equips you with the tools you need to display a complete audit history while streamlining the audit planning and execution process. 

Our solution allows you to:

  • Perform risk assessments, assign controls, and conduct testing and evidence collection. 
  • Assign and evaluate risk assessments – all within a single framework. 
  • Keep all of your information in one place.
  • Seamlessly report on the status and outcome of your audits.
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Why Logicmanager? – Users of LogicManager’s ERM software explain how their audit programs have benefited from our platform and expert advisory service.

Customer Success StoriesHow Companies Overcame Challenges With Our Audit Management Solution

“The value-add of LogicManager, to this point for us, has really been the analysts and their help. As much as it would be difficult to build this sort of thing out in a spreadsheet or in SharePoint, it is possible, but that consultancy and the ability to use the analysts to develop these reports and to understand what they’ve seen in different areas has really been the value-add.”

Matt Duffy, Vice President & GRC Program Manager, Bank of the Ozarks

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We’ve been able to create a centralized place to house multiple review processes that were previously handled via email. This has enabled tracking, reporting, and visibility to processes that wasn’t available before LogicManager. The Customer Support team has been amazing! Everyone I’ve interacted with has offered positive solutions and offered assistance.”
Compliance Change Management Specialist
Financial Services
“I have implemented LogicManager across four organizations and believe it to be the best product out there for ERM. The company listens to the feedback from end users and incorporates that into system enhancements and upgrades. The Advisory Analysts are like having an add to staff, as they assist in identifying and sharing ideas to address customer use cases.”
AVP - ICFR & Vendor Risk Manager
Financial Services
“The overall experience has been very positive. The implementation team has done a great job of walking us step by step through the set up process. The initial introduction to the software was overwhelming, but through careful guidance and instruction, the system has become much easier to navigate. Continued familiarity with the product is creating more confidence in using the system. The software allows you to centralize processes and create efficiencies throughout the organization. Once the processes are built out, they system allows you to automate reminders to ensure on-going compliance with federal regulatory requirements.”
SVP, Senior Compliance Manager

The LogicManager DifferenceA Holistic Approach to Internal Audit Management

Financial Risk Management Advisory Service

Business Decision InsightsExperience Customized Internal Audit Software

Through our ERM software, we allow our customers to spend more time strategically managing risks– and less time on tedious administrative activities, like data cleansing and manipulation. Our solution allows you to standardize your audit process from start to finish with configurable scoping and planning templates. We can drastically reduce the time and money you spend on audits while growing your expertise.

Customer ExperienceStreamline Your Risk Management Program

Unlike other software that requires IT professional customization, our solution allows customers to control engagement through an end-user configuration. Link risks and controls to the business areas and resources they impact with our taxonomy technology. This approach enables faster time-to-value and allows organizations to evolve their programs over time, not to mention a quicker return on investment.

Audit Datasheet Professional
Risk based approach to risk management

Risk-Based ApproachPrepare for Tomorrow’s Surprises Today

We believe success is a result of effective risk management. Taking a risk-based approach to your audit program allows your organization to prioritize time and resources appropriately, determine functional areas that pose the greatest threats, and identify the most critical controls.

Top 3 Risk Management Focuses for Internal Auditors Infographic Download

Free DownloadTop 3 Risk Management Focuses for Internal Auditors

What risk-related responsibilities should Internal Auditors include into their scope of work? Learn how to conduct risk assessments the right way, communicate effectively on an enterprise level, monitor key metrics over time and more with this free infographic.

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CapabilitiesAn All-In-One Internal Audit Management Platform

Reporting & Dashboards

Use our robust reporting engine to easily build custom, comprehensive reports in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Through in-app dashboards, you’re able to gain quick insight into which audits you have coming up and where exactly you’re allocating your limited time and resources.

Home Screen Customizations

Customize your home screen to appeal to the right user. Set up unique profiles that correspond to LogicManager roles, like providing quick access to everyday users’ most important action items or your executives’ favorite reports.

Controls & Control Suggestions

Our built-in Controls & Control Suggestions provide intelligent insights into the controls you already have and which ones apply to a given risk across business units, allowing you to reduce the number of controls that must be tested and ultimately shrink your compliance burden.

Workflow Capability

Customizable workflows allow you to send automated tasks to decision-makers in the planning and scoping process, eliminating the back and forth of email chains. Automated workflows also ensure that every planned audit follows the same procedure and logic.


Leverage fully configurable testing tools to automate the collection of results from end-users and establish a set testing cycle, eliminating the need to track people down and allowing you to easily spot bottlenecks.

Automated Assurance

LogicManager’s Automated Assurance connects any failed controls with the risks they’re impacting and instantly updates those risks’ assurance scores, empowering you with the real-time risk awareness needed to proactively improve controls.

Seamless System Connections

Our Integration Hub allows for seamless, no-code integration with over 50 popular third-party applications such as WorkDay to keep information about your available auditors up-to-date, and NetSuite for auditing third-party applications or vendors.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFoundations of Audit Management

Every area of your business could be audited at any time – which makes it important to have an audit management program to stay prepared. Unfortunately, it can become tedious and complex to manage audit schedules, personnel availability, and other resources. Using audit management software adds automation and flexibility to your program while eliminating human error and the need for manual work.

Key features of audit management software include scoping and planning templates, automated tasks and reminders, control libraries, to-do lists, and reporting tools. With LogicManager’s audit management software, you’ll gain all of those tools and more, including a risk-based taxonomy framework to connect your people and processes, pre-built risk libraries to house and keep track of all audit-related risks, intuitive and objective risk assessments, AI tools for mapping existing controls to audit requirements and much more.

If you’re tasked with hunting down information to prepare for an audit, keeping an eye on the status of your audits, reporting on the outcome of your audits, or all of the above, staying on top of everything can cause a headache. Even worse, mistakes can lead to a failed audit. Integrated audit management software helps organizations simplify and enhance their audit processes.

With LogicManager, audit findings can be presented to management in a multitude of ways. When senior management wants quick, major insights, LogicManager can easily create reporting for the organization’s most pressing risk issues.

Check out our free Step-by-Step Guide to Presenting Risk Management to the Board.

While risk management is responsible for creating and implementing the risk framework for an organization, internal audit teams ensure that the framework is operating effectively and risks are appropriately mitigated.

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