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Protect your organization

LogicManager’s Mergers and Acquisitions solution helps you ensure that proper security measures are taken; compromised data and information can jeopardize any deal, no matter how good of a fit it seems to be. From there, mitigate the integration issues both operationally and culturally that can manifest through any merger or acquisition.

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This application can be achieved through:

LogicManager’s Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment solution package:

  • Drive engagement by sending out direct tasks with email integration to people closest to the different areas of both organizations. Employees are able to efficiently participate and provide critical feedback to risk assessments in a timely manner that is easy to access and understand.
  • Consolidate mitigations or controls that actively address the risks that were identified and scored during your assessment. Then, create links through risks and mitigations to better understand all of the ways your controls are used.
  • Assign issues directly from the application within mitigations to quickly get the appropriate parties involved to review and improve controls in an easy-to-use automated task function.
  • Test the effectiveness of your controls by creating monitoring activities that can be linked directly to mitigations. Assign out these tasks to users to capture crucial qualitative, quantitative and event-driven data related to the effectiveness of controls.
  • Gain the ability to save the scores of every risk assessment to compare with the next risk assessment that is performed in our Bookmarking feature. Often used for reporting purposes, see the improvements you’ve made to your e-banking processes through lowered scores and increased mitigations. Use this to provide accurate records to regulatory agencies and auditors to satisfy legal compliance requirements.
  • Through your subscription with LogicManager, gain access to strategic and best practice advice from our team of professional Advisory Analysts who have experience in helping organizations achieve and strengthen their ERM programs.
  • Using our robust reporting engine, get access to a wide range of out-of-the box risk reports, including a variety of heatmaps and plan specific reports that can be customized and scheduled on a set frequency.

Why ERM?

Merger and acquisition risks have many dependencies with other governance activities at your organization. Not to mention it involves the entire enterprise operations of at least one other organization. LogicManager is a fully-integrated ERM platform, meaning it will enable you to evaluate, coordinate and mitigate the verticals and horizontals of both organizations while simultaneously making connections between the two.

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Achieve your Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment with LogicManager

Standardize your process

Through a comprehensive mergers and acquisitions risk assessment, have a standardized process for determining the impact, likelihood and assurance of your controls. This makes it easier to engage front line employees and gain insight to build out your mitigations following the assessment. Maintaining a global scoring criteria on the risks helps you take a root cause approach and fosters consistency across your organization.

Proactively identify risks

Proactively identify any new regulations or compliance needs that may become applicable if you move forward with merging with that company. From there, mitigate those risks to get ahead of them. You’ll also be equipped to identify other areas that need to be improved based on the inherent and residual risk scores found in your assessment.

Bar Chart Of Metrics Over Time by Monitoring Activity
thid-party risk management case study

Merger & Acquisition Case Study

In this case study, we explore how one bank overcame the challenges presented by large mergers and various point solutions with LogicManager’s risk-based third-party management solution.


What is a Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment?

Mergers and acquisitions involve transactions where an organization’s ownership is transferred or consolidated. Through a centralized risk assessment, your organization can determine the impact, likelihood and assurance of your controls to identify risks that relate to mergers and acquisitions. This helps you make an informed decision on which mergers and acquisitions to move forward with, and keeps you protected from getting caught off guard by unexpected surprises.


Whenever you are thinking about committing to a merger or acquisition, you run the risk of overpaying for the target company. Conversely, the organization acquiring yours may not set the value of your company at a competitive rate. Additionally, acquiring or merging with a new company inevitably increases your liability. Having a comprehensive ERM solution can help you avoid fines and penalties associated with liability charges. Going a step further and implementing a point solution for mergers and acquisitions helps ensure fair deals and mitigate the risks associated with the transition.

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