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LogicManager's Privacy Risk Management solution empowers organizations to effectively manage privacy risks and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and more. With a comprehensive approach rooted in our risk-based methodology, our solution enables organizations to streamline privacy risk management, demonstrate compliance to third parties, and make informed decisions. By proactively identifying and mitigating critical privacy risks, organizations can establish robust privacy practices and instill confidence in their stakeholders.

  • Conduct gap assessments against privacy frameworks and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Centralize compliance information in a unified repository with a comprehensive risk library to simplify management and ensure adherence to standards and regulations.
  • Generate ready-made, configurable reports and dashboards to prove compliance to regulators and present to senior management.
  • Perform governance over the data collected on individuals.
  • Respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs).
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It’s a great tool that allows reporting, and not just staring at the smallest level, but all the way up to executive management level. Some of the tools and reports and plans that come out of there that goes straight to the executive committee or the steering committees, it really allows us to basically do our job easier at the same time as communicating to others as well.

Joe H. | Senior IT Governance and Risk Analyst, DentaQuest

The LogicManager DifferenceA Holistic Approach to Privacy Risk Management

LogicManager Risk Management Platform Data Breach Response Policy Dashboard Reports

Business Decision InsightsFocus on What’s Important

Through our ERM software, we enable our customers to allocate more time to strategic risk management, reducing their involvement in tedious administrative activities like data cleansing and manipulation. Our solution enhances operational efficiency while uncovering the “unknown knowns” that risk managers may overlook, thus ensuring proactive identification and mitigation of risks.

Customer ExperienceStreamline Your Risk Management Program

Unlike other software that requires IT professional customization, our solution allows customers to control engagement through an end-user configuration. This approach enables faster time-to-value and allows organizations to evolve their programs over time, not to mention a quicker return on investment.

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Taking a risk-based approach to risk management

Risk-Based ApproachPrepare for Tomorrow’s Surprises Today

A risk-based approach is the key to effective governance, risk, and compliance. By adopting this methodology, organizations can prioritize their efforts across different departments, recognize potential hurdles and crucial interdependencies, and allocate resources appropriately. Embracing a risk-based mindset allows organizations to strategically allocate their resources to areas that hold the most value in terms of privacy protection and compliance.

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Complimentary DownloadGDPR Compliance Checklist

Take control of your data privacy and ensure compliance with GDPR by following 5 essential steps. Download our GDPR Compliance checklist today and get a head start on maintaining and proving your compliance.

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CapabilitiesAn All-In-One Privacy Risk Management Platform

Reporting & Dashboards

Prove compliance to regulators and present engaging reports to the board and senior management with ready-made, highly configurable reports and dashboards.

Custom Profile & Visibility Rules

Visibility rules allow for risk-based data collection, ensuring that high-risk events and resources are subject to additional due diligence and focusing your users on only relevant information.

Risk Library

House all of your compliance information in one centralized repository, complete with ready-made libraries of risks, standards, and regulations including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, CPA, CDPA, UCPA & VCDPA, DIPA, and GLBA.

Event Management

Automate the process of engaging managers to review employee entitlements by integrating your recurring file transfer process with LogicManager: simply drop a file into SFTP and sit back as a LogicManager event is created for review and sign-off.

One-Click Compliance

LogicManager’s One-Click Compliance AI searches through your existing library of IT and privacy-related controls, policies, and procedures and suggests which ones to leverage for demonstrating alignment, reducing internal labor costs of compliance.


Deploy automated testing that measures your IT governance and data privacy activities against privacy regulation controls to ensure you’re staying in alignment over time.

Seamless System Connections

Our Integration Hub allows you to connect with over 500 popular third-party applications including RiskRecon to ensure your third parties are operating in line with your standards and Azure to assure you’re using best-practice settings for cloud data housing.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFoundations of Privacy Risk Management

Privacy Risk & Compliance Software refers to a specialized software solution designed to help organizations effectively manage privacy risks and ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. This software provides a centralized platform to streamline privacy risk management processes, track and fulfill privacy requirements, and simplify the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Privacy Risk & Compliance Software typically offers features such as risk assessment and analysis tools, policy and procedure management, consent management, data subject rights management, incident response planning, and auditing capabilities. It enables organizations to assess and mitigate privacy risks, establish privacy policies and procedures, monitor compliance with regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, and others, and demonstrate adherence to third parties, regulators, and auditors.

By using Privacy Risk & Compliance Software, organizations can automate and streamline privacy-related activities, ensuring that personal data is handled in a compliant and secure manner. This software helps organizations proactively identify and address privacy risks, monitor data protection practices, and maintain a comprehensive record of compliance efforts.

Overall, Privacy Risk & Compliance Software plays a vital role in helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of privacy regulations, protect individuals’ personal data, and maintain trust with stakeholders. LogicManager’s IT Privacy Risk & Compliance Software is a comprehensive solution that offers these functionalities and assists organizations in effectively managing privacy risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Privacy compliance refers to the adherence and implementation of laws, regulations, and best practices that safeguard individuals’ personal information. It involves establishing and maintaining processes, policies, and controls to ensure the protection, handling, and disclosure of personal data in a manner that aligns with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Privacy compliance encompasses a range of principles and requirements designed to protect the privacy rights of individuals. These requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction and industry. However, some common aspects of privacy compliance include:

  • Data Protection: Measures to safeguard personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, including encryption, access controls, and secure data storage.
  • Consent Management: Obtaining informed consent from individuals for collecting, processing, or sharing their personal information through clear and transparent information practices.
  • Data Subject Rights: Respecting and enabling data subject rights, including access, rectification, deletion, processing restrictions, and objection to personal data processing.
  • Data Breach Response: Having incident response plans to address and mitigate data breaches, including prompt notification to affected individuals and authorities as required.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs): Assessing and mitigating privacy risks in the processing of personal data through PIAs or DPIAs, integrating privacy considerations into business processes and systems.
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers: Ensuring lawful transfer of personal data across borders, complying with relevant regulations like GDPR for transfers outside the EEA.

By prioritizing privacy compliance, organizations demonstrate their commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy rights, mitigating the risk of data breaches, and maintaining trust with their stakeholders. LogicManager IT Privacy Risk Management Software can assist organizations in managing and streamlining privacy compliance efforts by providing a comprehensive platform to assess, track, and monitor privacy-related activities, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing privacy risks.

Data privacy is crucial in the digital age for several reasons including:

  • It protects personal information like names, addresses, and financial data, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • It builds trust and confidence, especially in the See-Through Economy, where companies are exposed to public scrutiny. Prioritizing data privacy demonstrates ethical conduct, responsible data handling, and transparency, enhancing reputation and fostering trust.
  • Data privacy preserves individual rights to control their information and safeguards against potential abuses.
  • It ensures compliance with legal obligations like GDPR, avoiding penalties and reputational damage.
  • It mitigates data breach risks by implementing security measures and incident response plans.
  • It facilitates innovation and business opportunities by inspiring data sharing and responsible data use.
  • Finally, data privacy enables global operations by navigating data protection laws and regulations.

Protecting data privacy involves several key measures, including adopting a risk-based approach and utilizing risk management software. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard data privacy:

  • Assess Risks: Begin by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential privacy risks within your organization. This involves evaluating the types of personal data collected, processed, and stored, as well as assessing potential vulnerabilities and threats to data privacy.
  • Develop Policies and Procedures: Establish clear and robust data privacy policies and procedures that outline how personal information should be handled, stored, and shared. Ensure that these policies align with applicable laws and regulations, such as the GDPR or relevant industry-specific requirements.
  • Implement Security Measures: Deploy technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, loss, or disclosure. This includes measures such as encryption, access controls, secure data storage, and regular system updates and patches.
  • Monitor and Audit: Implement monitoring and auditing mechanisms to regularly assess compliance with data privacy policies and procedures. Conduct internal audits to identify potential gaps or areas for improvement and take corrective actions as necessary.
  • Incident Response Planning: Develop and maintain an incident response plan to effectively address and mitigate the impact of data breaches or security incidents. This includes establishing protocols for detecting, containing, investigating, and reporting data breaches to the relevant authorities and affected individuals.
  • Utilize Risk Management Software: Leverage risk management software, such as LogicManager’s IT Privacy Risk & Compliance Software, to streamline and automate data privacy efforts. These software solutions provide a centralized platform to assess, track, and manage privacy-related risks, compliance obligations, and mitigation measures.

By taking a risk-based approach and utilizing risk management software, organizations can proactively identify and address data privacy risks, enhance compliance with regulations, and protect personal information effectively. These measures help establish a robust data privacy framework and instill confidence among stakeholders that their privacy rights are being respected and protected.

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