Ensure the organization’s controls are effective by comparing actual performance to the strategic goals of your organization. Using a set of flexible, best-practice tools and templates, document and manage your monitoring activities while setting goals, tolerance ranges and measuring progress over time with interactive KRI reporting and dashboards.
LogicManager’s risk monitoring capabilities link risk metrics, testing, and incidents that occur directly to the risks and controls they govern, helping you gain an understanding of where dependencies exist, which activities ensure your top priorities are met, and allowing you to better allocate time and resources to what matters most.


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Powerful Risk Metrics & Monitoring

Testing and monitoring

  • Streamline the process of testing and verifying the occurrence, effectiveness, and efficiency of control activities
  • Configure work flow capabilities, automate sign-offs, document step-by-step instructions to testers, design sample entry collection fields, attach documents, and configure conclusion options
  • Automate frequency of reminder emails and notifications

Collect metrics & key measurements

  • Measure key risk metrics, indicators and measurements of progress, such as KRI’s and KPI’s
  • Define goals, set a tolerance threshold, and capture results as they occur to view trends and track progress over time
  • Use interactive dashboards to aggregate metrics, link to key topics of interest (i.e. cash flow predictability, reputation, customer satisfaction), & drill down to underlying detail as needed

Maintain risk tolerance

  • Receive warnings as measures begin to move out of tolerance, before negative outcomes materialize
  • Link risks to business metrics by simple drag-and-drop
  • Detect increased threat levels and identify new emerging risks before they materialize through risk assessments

Incident & issues management

  • Streamline, standardize and centralize the case management life-cycle for issues and events
  • Capture events, evaluate incident criticality, and assign respondents and workflows based on impact and regulations to facilitate cross-functional investigations
  • Create an issue off of any risk mitigation or risk monitoring activity to identify potential vulnerabilities

Streamline incident response

  • Consolidate response procedures, manage investigations end-to-end, and report on trends, losses, recovery efforts, and related incidents
  • Customize notifications for different incident or issue types to responsible individuals, groups, committees or even outside organizations
  • Visualize your data to understand the root causes of why problems occur and take preventive action

Proactively investigate & report risks

  • Generate threaded discussions, email notifications and custom defined fields for data capture to engage the right people
  • Link incidents to facilities, processes, people, vendors, applications and other resources
  • Support anonymous reporting of incidents and ethics violations in accordance with the Sarbanes-OxleyData Privacy, and U.S. Public Disclosure Acts
SMART Monitoring

With LogicManager SMART Monitoring, your organization’s efficiency and consistency both get a big boost. Now you can identify and eliminate redundant non-value adding activities, automate sign-offs, and improve the quality of your business processes.

  • Specific: linked to risks within business processes
  • Manageable: roll-up from process to enterprise level
  • Actionable: prioritize to align resources
  • Relevant: connected to strategic imperatives
  • Trending over time: show goal with tolerance vs actual

LogicManager links robust testing, incident management, issues, and business risk metrics collection to risks. That’s what we call SMART risk monitoring.

  • Testing – verify effectiveness and efficiency of a control over risk.
  • Metrics, KRIs & KPIs – measure what matters and link to performance management.
  • Incident Management – respond to events and prevent incidents.
  • Issues – determine a frequency that matches the volatility of the activity.
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Key Components

New LogicManager customers also have the option of asking their dedicated Advisory Analyst to recreate and mirror any risk monitoring and metrics collection processes that are already in place. We’ll replicate these items, including your business’s logo and branding, as a first step in the development of your LogicManager environment.

LogicManager’s BI risk reporting tool requires no IT training or experience, and is included with any subscription to our ERM software. Simply drag and drop the fields and filters you’d like to create, and the tool will do the rest.

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Learn how LogicManager’s capabilities and pre-built templates help you build SMART metrics. Request a live demo to see what LogicManager can do for you!