LogicManager’s risk-based approach helps you to cut across silos and manage all of your risk, governance and compliance information with a common framework. Enterprise Risk Management software provides transparency and more efficient communication, enabling better strategic decision making.

The Challenge

The Challenge


Organizations conduct more Enterprise Risk Management activities than they’re currently aware of. The issue is that each silo operates independently; departments and business areas are experiencing and managing risk in daily activities, but are not collecting, documenting, and sharing their efforts.

Even when a formal Enterprise Risk Management program exists, silos are typically using different processes, standards, and criteria, resulting in subjective and incomparable information. This lack of continuity and transparency makes it nearly impossible to prioritize concerns and address them in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, the lack of standardization results in systematic issues that remain hidden and unmitigated. Overlapping, common concerns that might require a more widespread mitigation are passed over in favor of point solutions.


The LogicManager ERM Software Solution

LogicManager provides top-rated services alongside an Enterprise Risk Management software platform to help organizations easily uncover risk across silos, prioritize concerns and allocate resources accordingly.

With LogicManager, all of your risk, control, compliance, assessment, and resource information can be managed in one place, making connections and links explicit. This will allow LogicManager to automatically uncover upstream and downstream dependencies, redundant or overlapping activities and make room for more informed decisions. Gain a better understanding of the impact each risk or activity has within the organization and save time, energy and money in the process.

With our risk-based approach, powerful software and top-rated customer support, LogicManager has the expertise and tools needed to ensure your organization achieves risk and governance success.

Risk-Based Approach

LogicManager’s approach helps identify risk across all areas of the organization, including those affecting individual business areas, compliance activities, strategic goals, or stemming from other ongoing governance functions.  A risk-based approach leads to better management and decision making in all risk and governance activity. Learn more here.

Powerful ERM Software

Easy to use yet robust, our ERM software comes populated with industry-specific pre-built content and provides the structure, tools, and flexible processes needed to improve your program. Learn more here.

Dedicated Advisory Support

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Advisory Analyst who provides unlimited consulting and mentoring. Becoming a pseudo member of your team, they help set and accomplish goals, meet milestones, and mature your program over time. Learn more here.

Why it Works

For effective and sustainable risk management and governance, managers must continually gather information and engage all areas of the organization in a way that is simple, practical, and adds value to the organization.

Through easy-to-use engagement tools such as task wizards, email integration and automated reminders, our centralized ERM software platform gathers the feedback and information you need from across departments. Then, our powerful dashboards and reporting provide any stakeholder, executive or regulator the output needed to meet their unique concerns. Finally, our flexible, value-based pricing options ensure you get all the content, functionality and licensing needed to match your program without burdensome cost or long-term contracts.

LogicManager provides the content, infrastructure and support you need to take complex material, break it down, and make it accessible for anyone in your organization. The results are services and a solution that have been recognized by research firms like Gartner and Forrester, and endorsed in numerous reports like CIO Review’s ‘20 Most Promising Compliance Tech Solution Providers.’


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Reach out to the LogicManager team today for a personalized demonstration of our solution or learn more about what can be accomplished on our solutions homepage.