At LogicManager, we believe in peace of mind. Although it’s impossible to predict every curve ball that will come your way, it is possible to minimize the number that do, as well as their impact.
Centralized risk management increases efficiency, fosters confidence, and encourages innovation. Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® isn’t just our slogan, it’s the foundation of our business.

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LogicManager is Easy to Use, Flexible, and Robust
Constant collaboration & support

Work with your business analyst to customize your use of the tool, create brand-new reports, and work through any questions (all free of professional service fees).

Easy Configurations

Use whichever of the tool’s solution areas you need, then turn off the rest to simplify the overall process.


Our configuration portal provides flexibility and ownership over customization and system changes without any IT involvement or prior software experience. As changes occur to your program, the system adapts for seamless continuity.

Out-of-the-Box Frameworks and Criteria

We provide a standardized process to walk you through risk assessments. LogicManager’s structure facilitates interdepartmental collaboration, helping you ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page.

Metrics, Testing, & Monitoring

Outline and track key risk indicators (KRIs), tolerance ranges, financial scenarios, or other key metrics as they relate to risk, controls and business processes. Define risk appetites and tolerance ranges for critical concerns and track adherence over time.

No Professional Service Fees

All customers are provided unlimited, dedicated support from assigned LogicManager Advisory Analysts, at no additional cost. Our analysts are there to support each customer through on-boarding, retrofitting of existing data, training, and provide hands-on program assistance for the lifetime of each agreement. This support has been rated 5/5 in Forrester’s Q1 2016 GRC Wave.

Patent-Pending Taxonomy

Eliminate discordance between departments. Our patent-pending Taxonomy defines relationships between risks, requirements, goals, resources, and business processes. It allows you to connect a risk event in one area to all the other functional areas that will be affected.

Quick Implementations

Customers gain access to their environment within the first week and fully implemented within the first 90 days. Software shouldn’t be a barrier to meeting goals or timelines.

What Does Our SaaS Structure Mean for You?
Our software-as-a-service package is easy to adopt and allows for very quick implementations. Access can be granted in as little as one business day, and full-business implementation takes less than 90 days, guaranteed.  Our multi-tenant structure also fuels improvement; the platform is constantly honed by feedback from customers just like yourself. It’s the users themselves that drive its evolution.


LogicManager’s architecture also facilitates, and even encourages, customization. You can more easily and cheaply customize the tool than you can other hosted cloud or on-premise solutions. In fact, customizations don’t cost anything at all — you’ll never pay beyond your base subscription. Tailor the platform to your needs, no matter how specific. Your business analysts won’t need to go to the development team to write new code, because “customizations” are really configurations. This drastically reduces the likelihood of downtime due to broken code.
What Makes LogicManager Different?
Your Success is Our Mission.

We’ll work with you directly for the duration of your subscription, ensuring the tool is configured and enhanced exactly as you need. All SaaS customers will have full access within 5 days, guaranteed.

We’ll Never Charge for Professional Services.

We promise to never surprise you with any hidden or add-on professional service fees. Your team of dedicated Business Analysts will provide on-going, unlimited best practice consulting and technical support for the lifetime of your subscription.

 No Custom Coding Needed.

The LogicManager platform won’t need to be custom-coded for your organization. You’ll have full access to all our solution areas, BI engine, and reporting portal, and you’ll have the ability to turn off whatever you aren’t using.

We’ll Never Lock You In.

Apprehensive about making long-term financial commitments? Our 90-day satisfaction guarantee is recurring. If your needs change, you’ll always be able to receive a refund for all unused prepayments.

We Believe in Making Your Job Easier.

An ERM solution is meant to streamline and solidify your day-to-day operations. When it works correctly, it isn’t something else on your cluttered plate. It runs quietly in the background, allowing your energy and resources to be focused elsewhere.

Your Input Matters.

Our customers are the lifeblood of the platform. The tool evolves with customer expectations and desires, so if you’d like to see a certain enhancement, you can rest assured it will make its way onto our product road map.

Unlimited, Industry-Leading Support
  • Every customer is provided a team of dedicated business analysts who provide support during onboarding, training, and the entire life of the subscription. You’ll be assigned an analyst based on your industry and platform usage, ensuring that you have access to the best consulting and training possible.
  • You can talk to your analyst at any time, for any reason, with no added costs. Our goal is to make your use of LogicManager as easy and beneficial as possible, so we never charge for any kind of professional service.
  • Your business analysts can help you with building reports, retrofitting data, configurations, templates, best practices, and more! They work directly with our developers, so if a request isn’t immediately possible, it makes its way onto our product road map.
A Focus on Customer Success
  • Use our help center, LogicManager University, from day one. You’ll have full access to our materials (including different “levels” of tutorial videos). This will help you learn how to navigate and make the best use of the LogicManager platform.
  • Oftentimes, professional service fees compose a significant percentage of a vendor’s revenue. This discourages implementation of ease-of-use improvements (the vendor can charge every customer for one improvement). It also discourages the customer from making requests because they either won’t go through or (again) will cost more money.
  • We avoid these issues by adopting a fully customer-centric approach — your use of the system is never interrupted when we update the product. We also highly value customer feedback and use it to prioritize certain enhancements.

100% of SaaS customers have full, working access within 5 business days.

97% of customers are “likely” or “very likely” to recommend LogicManager.

Perfect 5.0/5.0 in “Customer Feedback” from Forrester Research.

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