Partners in Advancing ERM

At LogicManager we combine our innovative software technology with industry best practices and processes. We have invested in strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that bring value and substance to the risk management marketplace. These partnerships provide us with insights and knowledge that help to further innovate LogicManager’s powerful risk management platform.

The RIMS Enterprise Risk Management Development Committee selected LogicManager, recognized by RIMS as a leader in risk expertise and innovative software, to develop a risk maturity model for ERM. Along with acknowledged contributions from ERM Development Committee members, LogicManager donated its intellectual property, expertise, and services and the Risk Maturity Model for ERM © (RMM) was born in 2006.

Encompassing COSO, ISO and other best-practice frameworks, the RMM helps develop successful Enterprise Risk Management programs. The RMM is used by all industries to design and benchmark sustainable ERM, and by leadership and auditors to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise risk programs. For more details please visit:

LogicManager uses Oracle’s Database technology to provide mission critical high security, availability and scalability components within our Enterprise Risk Management Platform.

Oracle enables LogicManager to fully realize our patent pending taxonomy technology that empowers business analysts without IT training or experience to represent their unique and complex organizational structure, risk, compliance and performance frameworks. To learn more about Oracle, please visit their website.

LogicManager users can now easily define relationships between risks, requirements, goals, resources and business processes across their enterprise.

Researchers at the Management School at Queen’s University, Belfast selected LogicManager to assist in an independent study on the financial benefits of mature enterprise risk management programs.

The group at Queen’s used data and frameworks from LogicManager’s Risk Maturity Model as the foundation for their study, “The Valuation Implications for Enterprise Risk Management.” The study was published by the Journal of Risk and Insurance in 2014, and proves a 25% market valuation premium for companies with mature ERM programs in place, as defined by the RMM.


OCEG and LogicManager are partners in advancing the discipline of risk-based governance, risk, and compliance.

Together, we develop educational content and programs that are in-line with today’s GRC best practices and address hot-button issues like change management, cybersecurity, and more. Our goal is to enable businesses to connect traditional governance, risk, compliance, and performance activities to common root cause risks, while building engagement throughout their enterprise, to prevent surprises and better prepare for the future.

For more details, visit the OCEG website.