Customer Advocacy

How an Inbound Approach Helps Us Create Lasting Customer Relationships

Sales has changed.

Traditional sales typically rely on cold calling, which results in inefficient sales cycles and a 10x higher churn rate than inbound sales. That means 10x the amount of customers are unhappy. And they will voice it! Companies must shift their approach to become more customer-focused.

 Customer Advocacy is a business model based on customer satisfaction. At LogicManager, we are committed to creating a company culture that is supported by customer-driven sales, support, development, services, marketing, and recruiting.

We live in a see-through economy, a fast-paced age where the increasing adoption of social media and advanced technologies are empowering customers to share their experiences and expectations of the companies they do business with. In this see-through economy, consumers are truly empowered to speak out about what they expect from the companies they choose to support, recommend, and trust.

 We have pioneered an inbound sales and marketing approach since 2007 that has driven our top line revenue by 70% in the last year alone, without ever making a cold call. 

Steven Minsky | CEO, LogicManager



What Does Customer Advocacy Mean to Us?

While other SaaS companies follow a traditional sales approach, LogicManager emphasizes relationship-building. Traditional commission-based incentive programs promote a transactional focus, largely ignoring the customer experience.

By opting for customer satisfaction and revenue-goal-meeting incentives, LogicManager Customer Advocates are better able to do what they do best – help our customers.

We believe that an inbound, customer-focused approach is the only way to create meaningful relationships with and success for customers. That’s why we are committed to a Customer Advocacy model that focuses on what’s best for them.

Traditional Sales Approach

  • Focuses on commissions

  • Cold Calls

  • Transactional

  • 10x Higher Churn Rate

  • Results in Brand Demoters

Customer Advocacy Approach

  • Focuses on what’s best for the customer

  • Zero Cold Calls

  • Relationships

  • Low Churn

  • Creates Brand Promoters

Using NPS to Drive Growth

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a proven metric that measures customer experience and has a deep impact on business growth.
LogicManager is proud to consistently have a high NPS. In fact, it’s what our business is built around. We believe in putting customers first and we make sure their concerns are addressed and their problems are solved – no matter what it takes.

Average SaaS Company’s NPS

LogicManager’s NPS

Do you believe that customer advocacy is the way of the future?

LogicManager is looking to expand our team of Customer Advocacy Representatives and Customer Advocacy Team Leads. These roles present a career growth opportunity with a focus on helping customers solve their challenges versus selling. Our Customer Advocacy approach is collaborative, consultative, cross-functional and is a continuous process across marketing, sales, advisory support services. We leverage automation as a way to upgrade sales roles to nurture innovation. We have replaced traditional high-pressure, commission-driven compensation with a more predictable system, based on consultative sales skills proficiency, product solution knowledge, as well as revenue goal achievement.

If you share our values and believe that customer advocacy is the way of the future, we invite you to apply.

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