Make managing enterprise-wide risk management simple and practical by taking complex material, breaking it down, and making it accessible for anyone in the organization.
With upstream and downstream dependencies automatically uncovered, LogicManager’s Taxonomy technology provides insight to your entire governance structure and the vulnerabilities throughout, while simplifying the management process.


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Centralized Risk Taxonomy & Resource Library

Utilize Taxonomy technology

  • Create a common framework for risk, compliance, performance & resource information
  • Use built–in content and templates
  • Connect risk events in one functional area to the other functional areas it affects

Streamline activities

  • See inside your business processes to better allocate resources
  • Connect policies, vendors, assets, and applications within a process to specific risks, operating procedures & compliance activities
  • Build structured, centralized repositories of all elements within your organization, including risks, performance goals, policies, and physical assets.

Create central profile of information

  • Use pre-defined fields or completely customize data collection fields
  • Collect and create a central profile of information
  • Use LogicManager’s pre-built out-of-the-box templates to collect information, or build your own using Taxonomy’s ease-of-use configuration portal

Manage tasks & documents

  • Create automatic reminder email triggers for due dates, renewal dates, monitoring dates, approvals, & change notifications
  • Upload documents and link to shared applications with version control & permission rights
  • Centrally store all information on the LogicManager platform

Score risk assessments

  • Use our pre-defined best practice assessment criteria or develop your own measures
  • Rate elements and document reasoning to determine priority and criticality
  • View all assessment information historically to understand changes and trends over time

Make & manage relationships

  • Link each element to any other element to create the network of resource relationships for your organization
  • Easily track which vendor provides certain applications that business processes rely on, and which employees have access to that information
  • Help identify critical activities, and receive tailored alerts about important industry changes
Why A Risk-Based Taxonomy?

Without a centralized risk-based taxonomy, understanding systemic concerns and potential loss events across all silos and business processes is extremely difficult. If each area of the business uses its own terms to identify and classify risk, then the aggregated information will be subjective, incomplete, redundant, or flawed. Thus, different types of risks cannot be compared across unless a common set of standards or method for managing relationships between different types of data exists.

An operational risk taxonomy solves this challenge by providing a common framework and structure to achieve enterprise risk management, governance and compliance. With dependencies automatically uncovered, LogicManager’s Taxonomy technology provides insight to processes and vulnerabilities.

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Key Components

New LogicManager customers also have the option of asking their dedicated Advisory Analyst to recreate and mirror any existing risk information and findings that are already in place. We’ll replicate these items, including your business’s logo and branding, as a first step in the development of your LogicManager environment.

LogicManager’s BI risk reporting tool requires no IT training or experience, and is included with any subscription to our ERM software. Simply drag and drop the fields and filters you’d like to create, and the tool will do the rest.

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