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Our basic risk assessment template is designed to help you take the first steps in standardizing your processes. It will help you determine what data you need to collect from your business areas, define key terms, and outline suggested answer selections. It also automatically generates risk heat maps based on your data, and includes step-by-step instructions for use.

Why are standardized risk assessments crucial to your success?

Risk assessments are a key component of any successful risk management program. No matter how basic or complex the framework, standardized assessment results serve as the foundation on which the rest of your risk management responsibilities, mitigation activities, and monitoring controls are built.

Successful enterprise risk assessments can be a powerful tool for senior-level strategic decision making by connecting business activities to goals, and identifying the risks that threaten to derail these strategic objectives. When risk assessments are carried out on the same standards and assumptions, they can be compared and utilized cross-functionally for more accurate and actionable risk management.


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