LogicManager Advisory Workshop:

NIST Compliance


In today’s day and age, cybersecurity risk is one of the biggest threats that all organizations face. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to ensure that your cyber program aligns with industry best practices to adequately protect your organization. In this Advisory Analyst Workshop, members of the Advisory Analyst team walk through how you can leverage LogicManager to ensure you are complying with various NIST frameworks, such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework or NIST 800-53. During the workshop, they show you how you can leverage One-Click Compliance to leverage the work that you may have already completed so that you can work more efficiently. Additionally, they show you how you can conduct a gap assessment to see how you measure up against the requirements of NIST and identify areas for improvement. Next, they walk through how you can operationalize many of the requirements from NIST within LogicManager by doing things such as creating an asset inventory and tracking security incidents. Finally, they touch on some of the reports that we see most popular across our customer base. All of the principles they discuss can be easily transferred to other IT Governance and Security frameworks that your organization wants to align itself with.

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