LogicManager Advisory Workshop:

Developing a Data Inventory

In this next installment of our Advisory Workshop series members of our Advisory team discuss how you can leverage LogicManager’s Data Inventory Solution.

In today’s world, ensuring good governance when it comes to safeguarding customer and employee information is becoming more critical by the day.  Enterprises are being trusted with more confidential information on a larger scale than ever before, and as a result new regulations are being passed regularly at both state and federal levels to ensure companies are handling this information appropriately.  As customers become more savvy regarding their personal information and regulations continue to play catch up to the faster moving digital world, it is becoming increasingly critical for companies to demonstrate the types of information they are collecting, why they are collecting it, where it is stored, and who has access to it.

LogicManager’s Data Inventory Solution helps enterprises identify the specific record types each business process has access to, and more importantly why.  Legal and compliance teams can then review these data inventories to ensure that the enterprise is compliant with appropriate regulations, whether these are CCPA, GDPR, or any number of other similar data privacy regulations.

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