Policy Socialization and Attestations

Your policies are powerless if they’re not effectively communicated with and followed by your employees. Having a comprehensive solution for ensuring policy socialization and attestations puts the power back in your hands.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Policy Attestation is important:

LogicManager’s Policy Socialization & Attestations Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Socialization & Attestations solution package:

  • Maintain a centralized repository of all your policies for employees to view in one place. You can even streamline this view so that people are only seeing what is relevant to them.
  • Automatically engage all employees by sending out attestations that integrate with email to confirm people have read and agreed to comply with your policies.
  • Create an audit trail of confirmation that can be provided as evidence to auditors, examiners, the board or other interested parties.
  • Ensure attestations are completed in a timely manner through automatic email reminders and tasks.
  • Reference insights into where any attestation stands to see who it is still outstanding with and when it is due.

Generate policy quizzes to further test users’ understanding of the policy (from there, any questions people are repeatedly getting wrong may reveal that a policy is unclear and should be revised).

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Achieve Policy Socialization & Attestations with LogicManager

Improve policy effectiveness

Your employees need to know exactly where they can go for reliable information and up-to-date policies. But if that place is scattered across emails, spreadsheets and shared drives, they’ll inevitably waste time looking for what they need. This may lead them to give up before finding the answer they need and proceeding to act using their own judgment – which may not match your policies. Offering your employees a centralized repository for your company policies ensure that they actually adhere to those policies.

Create organizational synergy

If everyone has easy access to your policies via one, easy-to-access location, it ensures that everyone is doing what they should be doing and following the proper procedures. This way, everyone is on the same page and working towards the same end goal, creating synergy in your day-to-day activities. This leads to more meaningful, higher quality work that supports your strategic objectives.

Foster a culture of accountability

Many company policies are centered around the employee handbook and describe ethics and policies that ensure everyone is adhering to those ethics. Properly socializing your policies and ensuring attestation encourages people to comply with your policies and hold themselves accountable.

Why is Policy Socialization so important?

All of the time and energy you spend developing and reviewing policies means nothing if you don’t effectively communicate those policies with your employees. At the end of the day, if all of your employees are not aware of the policies they should be following, there’s no expectations for them to meet. This leads to confusion and distraction. Policy socialization ensures that all employees truly understand your policies.

Why should you prioritize Policy Attestations?

With so many different policies your organization must rely on, without a process in place to track who has actually read and agreed to comply with your policies, it’s nearly impossible to track who knows – and doesn’t know – what. Having a repeatable, sustainable process for sending out attestations helps you more easily track where you stand.


Ultimately, you can’t control what your employees do. What you can control, however, is how well you communicate your policies and garner enterprise-wide agreement that they’ll be followed. If an incident were to occur, neglecting your responsibility to try to prevent said incident through strong policies can lead to formal negligence claims.

Many of your policies are developed to ensure that you stay compliant with all the laws and regulations applicable to your organization. But simply having a policy that outlines what you need to do to be compliant isn’t enough; you need to make sure that people are being held accountable for following that policy.

Otherwise, if something were to happen (e.g. an employee fails to follow COVID-related safety protocol and becomes responsible for an outbreak), the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of your company rather than the employee who is directly responsible. Negligence claims and failure to maintain compliance are not only a strike on your reputation, but both mistakes can lead to hefty fines and steep legal fees.

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