16 Companies Recognized by LogicManager and RIMS as Leaders in ERM Maturity

ERM leaders receive distinctions for risk management maturity at the 2015 RIMS ERM Conference.

November 3, 2015 | Boston, MA: Several organizations were named leaders in Enterprise Risk Management upon receiving the 2015 Risk Maturity Model Recognition. The Risk Maturity Model Recognition is an annual distinction given by the authors of the Risk Maturity Model, LogicManager and RIMS, the risk management society™.

Over the course of 10 years, thousands of organizations have leveraged the Risk Maturity Model as a tool to assess and improve their risk management programs. Organizations were nominated for this distinction based on their scores on the RMM, an assessment for benchmarking the effectiveness of a program’s risk management practices with how well they adhere to proven industry standards. Those who received the recognition at the 2015 RIMS ERM Conference in Chicago have successfully adopted sustainable and repeatable processes.

“It was a great pleasure to recognize the leading practitioners of Enterprise Risk Management today, and make visible the unsung heroes of our organizations. Risk management is a journey that never ends. The leaders in this journey deserve recognition for their contribution to both preventing missteps and realizing opportunities within their organizations,” said Steven Minsky, author of the Risk Maturity Model and CEO of LogicManager, Inc., a leading ERM software provider.

“There are many facets of an ERM program that can leave risk practitioners scratching their heads, unsure of their implementation process, as well as the areas of the program that need improvement,” said RIMS Director of Strategic & Enterprise Risk Carol Fox. “The Risk Maturity Model is a fabulous resource that can provide many of the answers risk professionals need when advancing their organization’s risk management capabilities. Congratulations to this year’s recipients who have made tremendous strides establishing advanced ERM programs within their organizations.”

Recipients of the 2015 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Distinction

  • Algonquin Power & Utilities Corporation
  • Argo Group
  • C1 Bank
  • Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Centene Corporation
  • Desjardins Group
  • Globe Telecom, Inc.
  • Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Lego System A/S
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Ooredoo – Oman
  • Peoples Bancorp Inc.
  • Radian Group Inc.
  • Wataniya Mobile – Palestine

About the Annual Risk Maturity Model Recognition

The RMM Recognition Program acknowledges organizations who achieve a sustainable and repeatable ERM program, as defined by the Risk Maturity Model, and as outlined by regulatory and agency standards for risk management. Highlighting leaders and establishing industry standards, the RMM Recognition Program ultimately aims to further enhance the discipline of ERM.

About the Risk Maturity Model

The Risk Maturity Model is a best-practice framework and free assessment tool for ERM. As an umbrella framework of international, cross-industry standards, the RMM allows organizations to measure how well their risk management efforts align with these best practices. Organizations are provided a maturity score that can serve as a set of guidelines to improve their programs and gain the many benefits associated with maturity. Take the RMM assessment today.

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