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Return to Work Safely & Prepare for the Second Wave of COVID-19

Protect your business with us as your mission critical partner throughout these challenging times with our range of critical resources such as resource risk assessment templates, allocation planning tools, stakeholder reporting and much more.


Safeguard Your Business Throughout Coronavirus

How can you manage the zero tolerance risk environment and liabilities stemming from sick workers reporting to work and how do you prevent customers carrying Covid-19 from violating your responsibilities for health and safety? How will you manage your reputation for corporate social responsibility that can impact your brand and your revenues? There are ever-evolving requirements at the federal, state, local and facility level requirements on what needs to be done to bring employees and customers back into your business. This guidance is expected to change and evolve as we learn in real time what works and what doesn’t.

There has been a 2nd Wave of every pandemic since the 1900s many times more deadly than the 1st Wave. Why would the COVID 19 pandemic be different? Although health officials cannot predict the course of a disease with certainty,
however, with the impact and likelihood of a COVID 2nd wave this high it warrants
risk managers to plan ahead for this 2nd Wave as a front and center consideration.

How will you protect your organization from inevitable coronavirus risk and liabilities?

LogicManager partners with you to establish processes and procedures to help you build Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs that will automate, expedite and ultimately cover you from liabilities and negligence down the road.

Our Return To Work Package Includes The Following:


LogicManager provides a common library to provide you with risk insights necessary to rapidly understand and act on your risks related to COVID-19 risks.

Our unique taxonomy technology connects these risks and readiness best practices to recommended policy, controls and monitoring activities is to figure out how all of these resources are related to each other and what combination of these resources is most important to critical areas of your business.

Most importantly, because our risk assessment library is connected to our robust task management and workflow system it will provide you reports providing evidence of effective implementation at each of your facilities and jurisdictions where you operate.


We maintain a library of Return to Work guidelines to help you comply with Federal, State, City and Agency jurisdictional requirements. These are changing all the time and LogicManager keeps these up-to-date.

We also provide you with training and consulting on drafting and incorporating your own internal policy and facility considerations.

We have commercially reasonable mitigation and monitoring and company policy templates to help you keep your employees, customers and vendors safe while maintaining evidence of your compliance in each of the jurisdictions you operate in.


We can help you with all aspects of implementing and sustaining your employee screening plans – including physical and mental health; considering policies that address child-care, underlying conditions, relocation tax reporting or simply fear of return without violating discrimination, privacy, tax or employment laws.

We also provide an encrypted webform to collect employee COVID positive test information with routing rules and workflows to ensure compliance with privacy laws on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.


If not bringing everyone back immediately is your plan and you’re considering shift work, flex work, remaining fully remote, building the infrastructure for operating in whichever model you choose is critical.

Our solutions through risk assessments help you identify cross-training needs to sustain your operations through an expected 2nd Wave of Covid in the fall this year where up to 40% of your workforce may become too sick to work.

Our solution also helps you manage real-time resource reallocation needs due to sickness outages and positive test results with routing rules, workflows and approvals across departments and facilities as well as coordinating shift work, flexible work arrangements, new employee onboarding and training and redeployment of employees.


From setting up a process to schedule a reservation time online before coming in to limit vendor and customer visits on-site to sustain social distancing and having your customers agree with your safety policies, you will be collecting entry log requirements for when contact tracing needs to be conducted.


Collection of evidence of policies and procedures being conducted equally at all locations including records of daily workplace sanitations, employee attestations of workplace policies, evidence of social distancing being followed, acquisition, inventory management and distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


Health and safety laws remain in force and with a 2nd wave predicted, a case for negligence is being formed for those who do not ensure their employees both understand and comply with their safety protocols.

We help you collect evidence your return to work practices are effectively executed at all locations to protect your organization and your management from negligence claims.

The right ERM system will make the difference in being protected from negligence claims and provide you an audit trail and single source of record for your compliance needs.


An enterprise-wide policy system with flexible workflow for automating approval processes for reviewing, modifying and creating company policies to meet changing circumstances and ensure records of continuous training of new and existing employees.

It is critical to establish trackable communications connected to published policies, risks, mitigation activities and the acceptance by your employees with a record of their acknowledgement as well as a mechanism to respond with their questions and issues.

This important feedback loop will connect your front line personnel with your back office governance roles like compliance, vendor management, security and privacy and audit enabling you to incorporate their expertise along with improved mitigation and monitoring to meet changing jurisdictional requirements and evolving commercial practices.


Pandemics seem to follow a pattern with a 2nd wave being substantially greater than the first with many more hospital admissions, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cases and deaths. For many companies, the rush to remote work for the 1st wave in March was disruptive and many didn’t have business continuity plans (BCP) in place with pandemic planning or for those that did, their BCP plans were not as useful as they were intended. LogicManager’s Return to Work package includes BCP templates pre-populated with practices that were successful for those.


Our experienced advisory services are your risk management partners to advise you on how best to engage others in your organization, think through board of directors reporting and apply best practices to evolve your policies and procedures for continuous improvement.

Our trusted advisors have earned the coveted recognition of Gartner’s Peer Insights for outstanding customer satisfaction.


Our risk management as a service is powered by our cloud software platform recognized by Gartner and Forrester Industry Analysts as leaders in our industry along with robust security and privacy certifications.


Get access to our advisory workshop series where our specialist team complete a deep dive into the different areas of our platform and showcase how each area can help your business during this time. You can find out more here.

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