LogicManager’s risk-based policy management solution helps you Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® by keeping your program in-line with best practices, ensuring effective communication and alleviating your employees from spreadsheets, where information is dispersed and nearly impossible to manage.
Our risk-based software provides a central location for the entire policy process including drafting, approvals, reviews, updates, and eventual archive. Gain efficiency in how your organization communicates and shares information, all of which will ultimately impact your core strategic goals.

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Key Benefits of LogicManager’s Policy Management Software

Policy management systems

Maintain your policies, procedures, and operating rules through task wizards, appearing as a to-do list on the home screen for each user. Standardize your policy process using our pre built, configurable fields to record key information for each policy, track key tasks, updates and reviews, all while capturing an automatic historical trail of all changes.

Best practice policy management

LogicManager supports the entire policy life-cycle, including policy creation, review, approval, and socialization. Upload (or have us import) documents of any type, or hyperlink to an internal shared drive. Build your policy library in any hierarchical form, organizing by process, function, category or criticality.

Policy profiles

Leverage out-of-the-box templates to capture unlimited information for each policy or create your own unique fields through our user-friendly configuration portal. Track policy approvals, comments, and key dates including upcoming reviews or sign-offs. An audit trail provides insight into all policy changes.

Policy and procedure assessments

LogicManager’s policy and procedure management software prioritizes which policies are most critical, helping you delegate resources and time more effectively. Identify your most critical policies and procedures through scoring and assessments, leveraging our best practice criteria or inputting your own methodology.

Document management

Collect and manage all the documents associated with your policy and procedure management process. Documents can be uploaded directly into the system or referenced using a URL, pointing to where they exist on a shared drive. The system captures versioning and maintains an audit trail of all changes for quick access and historical referencing.

Uncover policy dependencies

LogicManager’s patent-pending Taxonomy technology allows you to tie policies directly to the risks, controls, testing, and resources they impact, and relate them to the business functions they support. The result; identify all touch points a policy or process has across the organization for greater transparency and coordination.

Policy workflows

Configurable workflow tools engage the right people to create, modify, review, and approve policies and procedure documents. Automatically trigger tasks, status updates, notify employees, and facilitate effective coordination.. The flexibility of our policy management solution workflow ensures we match your existing processes and allows you to evolve over time.

Reporting, dashboards and analysis

Get the details of any policy in a comprehensive report complete with summaries, details, and visuals. Identify vulnerable or non–compliant policies and use flexible filtering and formatting options to run a report on any policy or group of policies by owner, process, criticality, etc.


All customers are assigned a dedicated LogicManager analyst, who provides unlimited support for the lifetime of the agreement. From on-boarding, training, data import to industry guidance, report building, and hands-on program assistance, our analysts are trained to ensure your goals are met.


LogicManager’s ERM platform is recognized by Forrester Research with a perfect score (5 out of 5) in “Customer Feedback,” as well as high scores in “Product Vision and Strategy.”FORRESTER

– The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q1 2016

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