LogicManager Advisory Workshop: New Product or Services Analysis



Here at LogicManager, we believe in taking a risk-based approach to everything that we do, and that includes analyzing potential new products or services that you may offer. By taking a risk-based approach, you can proactively determine what risks may be faced in offering, or not offering, a new product or service. In doing this, you can make an educated decision on whether or not this is something that your organization should pursue, and if so, can proactively put the proper controls in place to mitigate the risks that may come with the offering. During this Advisory Workshop, members of our Advisory Analyst team will walk you through how you can create a standardized process for requesting and reviewing new products or services. They will also walk you through a standardized risk assessment that many of our customers leverage in evaluating their offerings. Finally, they will discuss the reports that you can expect to leverage from this perspective. 

Watch On-Demand Here: