LogicManager Advisory Workshop:

Policy Attestations



One of the cornerstones of a strong risk and governance program is ensuring that you have the proper policies in place to make certain that you are appropriately mitigating your risks and staying in compliance. However, as we all know, it is not enough to just have your policies documented; you need to ensure that employees across your organization have easy access to them and that they have actually read and understood them. In this on-demand Advisory Workshop, members of the Advisory Analyst walk you through how you are able to set up a strong governance program around your policies to automate them getting reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. You’ll see how you can leverage the Policy Portal as a centralized repository of all your organization’s policies so that your employees can easily refer back to them as necessary. Finally, they demonstrate how you can task out policy attestations in order to ensure that the appropriate people have read and reviewed your policies so that you can create an audit trail of when and by whom this was done.

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