LogicManager Advisory Workshop:

Control Management

In this installment of our Advisory Workshop series, members of our Advisory team discuss how you can leverage LogicManager’s Control Management Solution.

In today’s world, managing risk can be a time-consuming and complicated task.  As enterprises continue to become more complex and regulatory requirements continue to become more intricate, efficiently and effectively managing risk is more critical than ever.  That said, different areas of the business often have different levels of knowledge concerning risk management, different methodologies, different vocabularies, and different processes, making a true enterprise risk management program difficult to conceptualize.  Developing a formalized control management program will ensure that controls are accurately identified and maintained across the business, risk assessments are standardized and accurate, testing is targeted and efficient, and executive leadership can make well-informed strategic decisions based on accurate information.

LogicManager’s Control Management Solution helps enterprises to develop an effective control set by creating a single source of truth for each control which is then surfaced to appropriate stakeholders and referenced to all necessary risks and requirements across the business.  By avoiding duplicate work and conflicting data, enterprises can ensure stronger operational performance, more efficient use of time and resources, and better preparation for external examinations.

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