Customer Value Story:
Channeling Chaos into Creativity

The pandemic has disrupted operating models of businesses across the globe. Since the beginning, LogicManager has partnered with our clients to help them pivot and prepare. As we wrote about in our blog, our company was built on a foundation of seeing around the corner. In February, we rolled out a COVID-19 relief package to our customers. In May, we rolled out a Return to Work and Preparing for Wave 2 Solution package.

Over that critical period of time, we collected over 160 value stories from our customers about how they leveraged our guidance to drive their businesses forward. This series will delve deeper into those stories in hopes of helping other businesses throughout this challenging time.

Topic: Creative problem solving to empower your business and the economy.

Company Profile

This bank has been serving California’s businesses and communities for over a century. They provide a full range of financial services and aim to make people’s dreams possible and bring real impact to their community. When this client originally partnered with LogicManager, their goal was to make use of every area of our software in order to support their risk management program. Like many of our clients, they wanted to integrate their processes and create operational efficiencies.


No matter how smoothly any business is operating, COVID-19 showed us that without comprehensive preparation for disaster, you’re susceptible to failure. When the Small Business Administration began providing loans to help cushion economic injury disasters across the United States, our client – like many other banks – needed to plan for the 300% increase in volume of new loan requests they would be reviewing as part of the Paycheck Protection Program.

This was overwhelming; how were they possibly going to handle such a high volume of requests, and the risks associated with each of them? This was a new program where guidelines were unclear. Given the pandemic, the risk of application fraud was amplified by the inability to vet people in person and the remote nature of the entire transaction. To compound these concerns, acting quickly was critical as members of their community were dependent on these funds to sustain their businesses. They knew that while this was a stressful time, it was an incredible opportunity to bring real impact to their community.


In the midst of chaos, this client acted as a true champion of their organization. Leveraging LogicManager’s incident management content, they were able to respond to the stress of an influx of loan applications by leveraging LogicManager to create a standardized process for reviewing all of their PPP loan applications. The formalized process was as follows:

Step 1: Identify the new loan request.

Step 2: Assign a loan officer to be in charge of the review.

Step 3: Ensure they have the necessary documentation for every new and existing customer:

  • Completed loan application
  • Accurate credit review
  • Completed business-customer questionnaire
  • Annual sales report
  • Customer identification information
  • A report of general excise tax screen-print

With a vision for exactly how they wanted this incident management process to look, our client partnered with our Advisory Team to execute. After just a few days, they were able to prove that this process allowed them to expedite the increased volume, but in a way that protected them from having fraudulent loan applications slip through the cracks.

This goes to show that no matter how unique or pressing your challenge may be, creativity is your only limitation as a LogicManager client. This particular champion was an avid user of our software, so he knew that it was flexible and intuitive enough to adapt to his organization’s needs. Equipped with the technology and expertise, this organization is prepared to tackle any obstacles that come their way.

Business Outcome

By giving businesses access to capital, loans lessen the economic impact of a catastrophic event like the pandemic. Using their new, organized and formalized loan review process, our client was able to review over 5,000 loan requests over the course of just a few weeks. These substantial contributions allowed for quicker distribution of PPP loans, ultimately speeding up economic recovery and serving as a steward of their community. This client not only fostered revenue growth for other businesses in their community, but by capitalizing on a new opportunity, they also grew their own revenue by 15%.

This story tells us that sometimes, instead of looking for new ways to solve new problems, creatively turning to your existing resources is the smartest way to transform chaos into success.

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