On-Demand Webinar- Covid-19: How to Operationalize Risk Management if Your Organization Needs It Most

Coronavirus Business Risks

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COVID-19 is here and is significantly impacting our daily lives. And yet, the massive effects on our organizations, customers, vendors, and communities are just starting.​​

​​How do we turn this panic into proactivity?

Now more than ever –  it is critical to implement and accelerate strong corporate governance and risk management plans.  Businesses must start now to adapt to the new normal through a risk-based approach, as things will not return to the way they were.

Despite this foreshadowing of radical change, it is a natural tendency for panic to rise as action remains stagnant. 

To help your business, here is an on-demand webinar to walk through practical steps that all organizations should take to manage the business impact of this pandemic today and prepare for tomorrow.

Presenter: LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky. Mr. Minsky is a recognized speaker and a certified instructor on the subject of ERM.

Duration: 55 Minutes

​​Topics Include:

  • How risk management generates a plan of action and provides a mechanism for communication and implementation
  • Risk management lessons learned from the recession of 2007 and the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 will be shared  
  • Operationalizing your Pandemic and BCP plans
  • Key risks to consider
  • Mitigation strategies to implement now
  • Predictions for what’s next

Coronavirus business preparation is imperative. With this framework and enterprise risk management strategy, fear can transform into action and unease into peace of mind.

Watch the Webinar