LogicManager Selected for 2014 GRC Wave Report

Steven Minsky | Feb. 4, 2014

Forrester recognizes growing interest in consolidated platforms

GRC has been defined up until now as targeting specific requirements of a single department or function — typically IT, compliance, or health and safety.  Since 2005, LogicManager, a leader in ERM platforms, has taken a more holistic, enterprise approach to these functions, and with the Q1 2014 Wave, Forrester has adjusted its lens, consolidating its various GRC submarket reports to reflect a “growing customer interest in consolidated platforms.”  LogicManager’s all-in-one ERM platform addresses the various risk and compliance needs across the enterprise, so it’s no surprise to us that Forrester cited LogicManager as having its highest scores for “Product vision and strategy” as well as “Customer References”.

Forrester Research, Inc. recognized LogicManager as one out of the 19 “most relevant” GRC software vendors. Considering that LogicManager is an ERM platform vendor that covers the same breadth of solutions as GRC vendors, but with a risk based approach, we believe this is a significant achievement and milestone in the changes to the market we have been following since 2005. Forrester cites LogicManager’s competitive advantages as largely based on its approach to ERM, its range of content partners, its comparatively lower price, and the professional services offered standard as part of the software license.

LogicManager received one of its highest scores in “Customer References”

The report commented, “LogicManager focuses on ERM, competing on price, ease, and flexibility. LogicManager… [has] a clear vision to address enterprise risk management and related functions from the top down and bottom up, as well as a goal to deliver solutions that are easy and fast to implement.” Rated on a scale of 0-5, LogicManager emerged with a score of 4.4 in “Customer References” from customer satisfaction surveys. We believe this reflects our unparalleled focus on achieving customer milestone’s and advancing customer ERM programs, and the LogicManager customer community continues to be at the forefront of their respective industries.

LogicManager recognized for competing on ease, flexibility and price.

Forrester did a deep dive on 43 criteria of the selected GRC vendors, and we are honored by our scores in the customer reference criterion by Forrester and published in their Q1 2014 GRC Wave. We believe this customer satisfaction stems from our guaranteed implementation time of 90 days, a platform that is “flexible enough so customers do not need to customize through professional services,” and our guarantee to never charge for professional services that typically account for up to 50% of the total cost of software ownership.

The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q1 2014