Governance, Risk, and Compliance Built Around the Community of Practice

Danielle Mummert Capital Blue Cross

Duration: 21 Minutes

Presenter: Danielle Mummert, Senior Director, Vendor Alliances, Capital Blue Cross

In this session, Danielle Mummert from Capital Blue Cross shares her organization’s approach to GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and the Community of Practice standard that they built. 

As Risk Managers, we know it is not the easiest process to have everyone involved in a strong risk culture. It takes time, effort, communication, and collaboration to effectively promote that culture from within. By engaging SMEs across the different departments with LogicManager, Capital Blue Cross has been able to develop best practices and promote a strong risk culture from within. This use case is a strong example of Integrated Risk Management and demonstrates how risk is interconnected across all areas of an organization.

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