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Is your organization equipped to meet today’s continually changing regulations and requirements? LogicManager’s HR Policy Management solution package helps you keep adaptability and compliance top of mind – all while streamlining and automating your work.

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LogicManager’s Policy Management Solution for your HR Program

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s HR-focused Policy Management solution package:

  • LogicManager’s policy portal allows anyone in your organization to access, review, and download any of your policies. This way, everyone at your company can easily and readily leverage the most up-to-date versions of your policies to get the information they’re looking for without the need to ask HR to retrieve it for them.
  • The Policy Profile and Checklist is an excellent out-of-the-box starting point for your organization to begin documenting information about your policies and cross-reference them against a best practice checklist. While these are useful as is, you also have the ability to customize the forms and checklists so they meet your unique needs.
  • Our Policy Management Workflow is another out-of-the-box, standardized feature that’s entirely customizable. The workflow engine is great for automating your review process.
  • Build your audit trail with policy assertions so that it’s clear that everyone has reviewed and agrees to comply with each of your policies. You’ll also be able to track who has attested to what, and when. If someone is behind on completing this, automation rules can be designed to remind them when necessary.
  • LogicManager is an ERM platform, so inherently there are a variety of interdependencies between policy management and other governance areas highlighted in the system. This allows you to easily tie policies back to the controls they’re based on to gain a more holistic view of your organization.
  • Create custom reports and leverage insightful dashboards to more clearly visualize your most important information. Some common examples used for policy management include the Policy Narrative report and Policy Management dashboard.

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Achieve HR Policy Management with LogicManager

Support changing needs

LogicManager allows you to set up a recurring systematic review of all your policies to empower you to stay on top of the rapidly changing government and industry-imposed safety and health regulations. As a partner of LogicManager, you’ll also have access to our change management oversight that ensures your organization is up to date with COVID policies and procedures at the state level. If you’re not immediately made aware of an update, when you sign into LogicManager, you’ll be guided through the necessary changes.

Take a risk-based approach

With health and safety risks more pressing than ever, it’s critical to take a risk-based approach to everything you do. Ultimately, prioritizing mitigation of everyday health and safety risks will protect you from negligence, compliance and litigation risks down the road. LogicManager offers a full audit trail with date and time stamps to ensure you’re staying on top of today’s immediate threats and future regulatory risks.

Increase policy effectiveness

With a strong policy management program in place, the information, policies and procedures critical to keeping your HR program and organization running smoothly are readily accessible to all employees. When this information is easy to find, employees are less likely to violate policies and expose your company to risks.

Automate your processes

It’s more important than ever before to continuously review and update your processes and procedures. LogicManager has numerous intuitive workflows and automated task features that help ensure reviews, updates and approvals are well-documented and completed by the necessary parties in a timely manner.

What is HR Policy Management?

More employees are working from home today than ever before. If you’re one of them – or if your organization relies on vendors, clients or other partners who are working remotely – chances are, your HR policies have recently changed. With the current environment, it is vital to have an automated process in place for reviewing and updating the processes and procedures that add order to your company.

Whether it’s documenting reviews, updating or the employee handbook or reviewing benefit partnerships, HR policy management is a critical process that involves many moving parts. LogicManager offers a Policy Management solution package designed around best practices that’s customizable to fit your HR department’s unique needs.

HR Policy Risks

COVID-19 regulations are changing every day at the federal, state and local levels. Failure to stay in compliance with these regulations can lead to fines, penalties, lawsuits, forced closures and ultimately, reputational damage; your customers and community want to feel protected, and it does not reflect well on your business if people discover that you’re not prioritizing their health and safety.

Without robust policy management software, it requires a great deal of manual labor and administrative work to continuously stay up to date with the rapidly evolving safety requirements. You and your employees’ time spent completing this due diligence could be otherwise allocated to working towards achieving more strategic goals. If these strategic goals contribute to your market valuation or bottom line, then in effect, lacking software poses a threat to your organization’s financial success.

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