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Streamline your incident management processes with LogicManager’s comprehensive Litigation Issues Tracking solution package.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Litigation Issues Tracking is important:

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LogicManager’s Litigation Issue Tracking Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Litigation Issue Tracking solution package:

  • Our out-of-the-box Issue Tracking form provides you with best practice fields to track your case issue data. These forms are customizable, allowing you to edit, update and combine with your own fields.
  • Set up Visibility Rules on the Issue Tracking forms to collect more information on case issues whenever needed.
  • If you have built out a repository of information in one of LogicManager’s many taxonomy libraries, you can link your case issues with specific impacted areas of your organization.
  • Produce a multitude of reporting views, whether it is a PDF boilerplate report used by the legal department, or an aggregate excel report that tracks the number of open issues and tracks days to completion and is automatically emailed to all stakeholders on a set frequency. You’re always able to extract data in a way most beneficial to your organization. Examples include:
    • Issue Table Report: Allows you to see all case issue information in an excel-friendly export.
    • Incident Narrative Report: See drilled in versions of the table report for each issue.
    • Incident Field History Report: Visualize how the issue responses have changed over time, ensuring a full audit trail history.
    • All Tasks Report: Filter data shown based on the status of the tasks.

Benefits of Tracking Litigation Issues with LogicManager

Maintain a centralized repository

Used to store any issues related to legal or litigation cases, this centralized repository helps you stay organized. Oftentimes, multiple parties require access to the single-source of truth of an ongoing case. Storing this information in LogicManager allows for this data to be centrally managed with specific access controls.

Store critical documents

Attach case documentation directly to the issue via the ‘Documents’ tab in a variety of formats (Word Doc, PDF, Excels, etc.). These attached documents will be accessible by any internal user with the correct permissions. No more having to go back and forth for evidence; instead maintain one incident with all relevant documentation.

Keep an organized timeline

Many cases and related issues are time sensitive. LogicManager automatically captures the metadata of an incident form. This includes the date an issue is logged, the date a task is sent on that issue for additional work and the date the issue is closed out. You can also track more granular information on specific fields to track what data was changed and who changed it.

Automate your processes

Our workflows help you work smarter, not harder. As soon as a legal/litigation issue is logged, the system can analyze how certain questions are answered and route the issue to the correct individual for review and additional follow up. This removes the manual review process, and ensures the correct users are engaged in a timely manner. The workflow also allows for the creation of acceptable response timelines to ensure deadlines are met.

What is Litigation Issue Tracking?

If your organization is ever required to provide evidence that a litigation/legal issue was properly documented and resolved, how would you go about doing so? Having a system in place for tracking legal/litigation issues ensures that you can provide a full audit trail of your issue remediation process. LogicManager’s comprehensive Litigation Issues Tracking solution package can help.


Tracking legal/litigation issues manually via an excel spreadsheet creates inefficiencies. It also means that you’ll be unable to track a history of changes to an issue, need to assign tasks manually that won’t be trackable to end users, and have difficulty building external-facing reports.

Additionally, litigation can be pricey and cause a decline in the reputation of your company. This may lead existing customers and prospective consumers to look elsewhere next time they are looking for the product or service your organization offers. Having a robust tracking solution ensures that case issues are accessible by all relevant parties and responded to within a timely manner.

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