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Failure to formalize your Occupational Health & Safety program can have dire consequences, from terrible accidents to costly negligence lawsuits. Strengthen your organization's resiliency and streamline your processes along the way using LogicManager's Occupational Health & Safety solution.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Occupational Health & Safety is important:

LogicManager’s Occupational Health & Safety Solution

Here’s more of what you can expect with LogicManager’s Occupational Health & Safety solution package:

  • Leverage risk assessment templates for numerous health and safety risks and score risks on a standardized, objective scale to establish a repeatable process and prioritize your control resources.
  • Incidents don’t occur in a vacuum; link employee incidents back to a particular core process, employee record, application etc. to draw connections using our Taxonomy framework.
  • With our workflow functionality, have a formalized and automated response process in place when an incident is reported. Our workflow engine allows you to engage the right people and ensure tasks are being completed in a timely manner. This could include claims management, follow up procedures and corrective actions being taken.
  • Set up automated tasks to notify and remind the necessary parties to both designate responsibility and ensure the correct actions are being taken to prevent or resolve incidents. These can be set up to notify individuals when a due date is coming up, creating more accountability.
  • Using our robust reporting engine, identify emerging trends and gaps in your procedures. Our dashboards and reports provide you with different overviews of your occupational health and safety measures. Through charts and graphs, determine trends in your current workplace such as the location in which the injury occurred or the type of injury or hazard. These reports allow you to see where you need to further evaluate the safety of a location and implement worker protection measures to prevent future injuries from occurring.
  • Occupational health and safety forms may contain PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (personal health information), which in many states is required to be only transmitted securely. Sending this information via email is not secure and does not meet these requirements. LogicManager’s encrypted webform does.
  • Our integration with Workday allows our team to sync your organization’s employees, department structure, and employee records to LogicManager so that you can create a centralized repository of all employees and follow a standardized approach for tracking your EH&S risks.

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Manage Occupational Health & Safety Risks with LogicManager

Comply with OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds your organization accountable for your health and safety standards. Ensure you are complying with OSHA and worker safety regulations by having an Occupational Health and Safety Form in place that is easily accessible for employees to submit information about a hazard or injury. This will allow you to review the injuries and determine corrective actions. By staying on top of these injury reports, you’ll be empowered to keep your workplace safe and free from hazard.

Keep customers safe

If your organization is in a customer-facing industry, you’re also tasked with the additional responsibility of ensuring both employee and customer safety in your physical locations. This makes it more important than ever to have a robust software helping facilitate your health and safety measures. If also means you have more liability. Should an incident occur, you’ll be able to prove compliance to regulations because you’ll have captured documented evidence that your processes and procedures were followed.

Break down silos with ERM

With LogicManager, you’ll get all the advantages of an integrated ERM solution while maintaining the benefits of a specialized, point solution. Occupational health and safety incidents have dependencies on many other governance areas in your organization: the Compliance team needs to make sure that you are meeting the necessary requirements, Risk Management needs to determine if there are next, bigger steps that need to be taken, etc. All of your departments are enabled to engage with one another via LogicManager.

What is Occupational Health & Safety?

“Occupational Health & Safety” refers to the methods put in place to protect the wellbeing of your employees. It is a critical consideration for all areas of your business, but it’s especially relevant to the HR department, and any teams concerned with incident management.

Occupational Health & Safety Risks

Incidents within a work environment can be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Noncompliance can also come with the potential of large fines. Especially during these unprecedented times, the risks associated with re-opening will increase the likelihood of your company being found guilty of negligence. Add the fact that we’re living amidst a pandemic to the implications of the See-Through Economy, and it becomes more important than ever to ensure you are maintaining a safe and healthy environment and maintaining both employee and customer trust.

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