COBIT 5 for Information Security

The COBIT framework helps ensure regulatory compliance, fosters long-term goal achievement and sets your organization up to better manage risk. But aligning your business with their best practices can be time-consuming without intelligent software. Learn how LogicManager’s COBIT 5 Information Security solution can help.

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Why a Risk-Based Approach to COBIT 5 for Information Security is important:

How LogicManager’s COBIT 5 for Information Security Solution Helps

  • Personalized LogicManager home screens help simplify the complex process of COBIT implementation by bringing your IT team directly to the information they need, such as a readiness dashboard or their list of open tasks.
  • Our Readiness Assessment breaks down the COBIT 5 framework into individual responsibilities, distributes tasks to activity owners and links them to your existing controls to be documented as evidence along the way.
  • Monitor your alignment with COBIT with automated testing that measures your IT governance program against the COBIT 5 principles to ensure you’re keeping up with the latest iterations over time.
  • LogicManager’s One-Click Compliance AI searches through your existing library of IT controls, policies and procedures and suggests which ones to leverage for demonstrating alignment with COBIT 5, reducing internal labor costs of compliance.
  • Use our Reporting & Dashboard tools to visualize control deficiencies, historical results of IT framework alignment, readiness summaries, testing calendars and more to continually improve your program.

Align with COBIT 5 for Information Security using LogicManager

COBIT 5 for Information Security ensures that your organization is complying with industry best practices. It also lowers your IT risk, and therefore the chance of potential IT data threats. Expect to realize benefits like:

  • Newly generated business value from IT-enabled investments
  • Operational excellence achieved through reliable and efficient technology application
  • Cost optimization for IT services
  • A strong enterprise-wide understanding of information security
  • More informed risk decisions
  • Improved threat prevention, detection and recovery

What is COBIT 5 for Information Security?

ISACA, the global IT Association, released COBIT 5 for Information Security to help security leaders use the COBIT framework (which promotes the governance and management of IT enterprise goal achievement) to link information security with organizational strategic goals. It also helps organizations comply with the increasingly large list of IT governance laws, regulations and requirements.

COBIT 5 for Information Security is meant to help organizations build an effective governance program so that they can ultimately optimize their IT investments. This framework can be used by all enterprises in all industries.

Using a software like LogicManager to align your organization with COBIT 5 for Information Security saves you time and money, as it allows you to take a holistic approach to your IT program and leverage a single integrated framework to cut down on redundancies.


Let’s take a look at some of the risks that following a framework like COBIT 5 for Information Security can help mitigate:

  • Falling out of regulatory compliance (which can lead to hefty legal fines).
  • Allocating too little or too many resources to IT governance (which can lead you to waste money and fall short on long-term objectives).
  • Direct IT threats, such as a data breach, malware installation, knowledge or privilege abuse, phishing attacks and more.

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