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Protect Your Reputation & Achieve Robust IT Policy Management

LogicManager IT Governance & Security Policy Management is your all-in-one solution for streamlined policy management and enhanced security. With a centralized repository of policies, effortless updates, and comprehensive tracking capabilities, this software empowers you to navigate the complex landscape of IT governance and security with ease.

  • Centralized Policy Hub: Consolidate all your IT Governance & Security policies in one repository. Make updates, track exceptions, and manage access rights seamlessly, ensuring consistency across your organization.
  • Adapt to Change: In a dynamic work environment, stay agile with our software. Identify policies that need updates in response to changing conditions, ensuring alignment with new developments.
  • Efficient Processes: Eliminate manual follow-ups with automated workflows and tasks. Keep critical processes on track by referencing well-documented policies, even in the absence of key personnel.
  • Compliance and Security: Safeguard your organization from compliance risks and data breaches. Meet evolving regulatory requirements effortlessly, reduce litigation risks, and bolster data security through comprehensive policy management.
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LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is a leader in Business Continuity Management on G2
LogicManager is voted easiest to use in Enterprise Risk Management on G2
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Why a Risk-Based Approach to IT Policy Management is important:

How Our IT Governance & Security Policy Management Solution Helps

  • LogicManager’s robust Policy Portal & Attestations capability provides a centralized repository of all your IT policies for employees across the organization to review and sign off on, providing you with a full audit trail and ensuring attestations are completed in a timely manner.
  • Customize your LogicManger home screen so that it only displays your most relevant information, such as tasks for updating or reviewing policies, to keep information centralized and eliminate distractions for end users.
  • Our Custom Profile & Visibility Rules allow you to dynamically review IT policies based on the type of policy it is or the risks that it mitigates to help you better conserve your time and resources.
  • LogicManager’s workflow capability can route policy review tasks based on business logic (e.g. how critical they are to compliance goals, which departments need to review them most urgently, etc.) and automatically assign tasks and reminders for the appropriate parties.
  • Experience a robust Reporting & Dashboards system that makes it easy to build reports on overdue policy attestation tasks, showcase policies by relevance to your various teams, and much more.
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Achieve IT Policy Management Success with LogicManager

Centralized repository of all policies

Make updates and track exceptions to policies all in one place. Easily add new policies, adjust access rights and get information out to the rest of your organization fast.

Support your changing needs

With more and more employees working from home, it’s critical that your organization has a process in place to review and update their policies to be best equipped for the current environment. Whenever new policies are developed, you’ll be able to identify which existing ones need to be updated in response to those additions.

Enable critical processes

With a strong policy management program through LogicManager, the information, policies and procedures that are critical to keep your organization running are readily available to all employees. This keeps everyone moving in the right direction.

Create efficiencies

Using automated workflows and tasks, your policy management program can continue with less time spent manually following up with individuals or tracking responses. By having your policies well documented, you can also ensure that if someone were to be out of the office who supports critical processes, you can continue on by referring to documented policies prescribing exactly how those tasks should be carried out.

What is IT Governance Policy Management?

As an IT professional, you make sure your organization’s systems and data are secure, accurate, and in compliance with evolving privacy and security requirements. Today, companies can’t function without technology, and cyber attacks don’t show any sign of slowing down. It’s your job to keep track of all the technological resources your company relies on, make sure their vulnerabilities are under control and data is handled appropriately. Managing your IT policies includes auditing high-risk processes or procedures quarterly and less critical ones at least every other year.

There’s also the matter of creating policies and procedures that are compliant with ever-changing IT regulations and in line with best-practice frameworks and standards. In order to maintain compliance, you need insight into what every person associated with every policy is doing and what their responsibilities are. This is why leveraging integrated software to create and manage your IT policies can save you countless hours of manual labor.

IT Policy Management Risks

In today’s environment, with new requirements coming out daily at the federal, state, and local levels, compliance and litigation risks have never been higher. This means it’s more important than ever for your organization to have a way to provide a full audit trail with time and date stamps to demonstrate your governance efforts. Without a system in place to manage the policies that help you meet today’s changing needs, it will be difficult to provide the right evidence of good governance and prove that your policies have gone through the proper approvals.

Another serious risk to consider is data security. Without clearly defined policies in place, it’s likely your employees will unintentionally open your organization up to more risks than you’re willing to take on. A data breach can lead to customer harm and ultimately, serious reputational damage. Information security policies can protect your organization and limit your exposure to risks that may not otherwise be followed without a strong policy management program in place.

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